Modular construction: innovation or well forgotten old?
Today foreign professional media are literally full of information on a broad introduction into the practice of modular construction technology. Even at the recent Moscow forum "Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures"…

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Attractions Germany
Zwinger Built in 1711-1728 the years, the architectural ensemble in Dresden is one of the most significant buildings in the late Baroque style in Europe. Beautiful, ornate pavilions and the…

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Funerary structures of the ancient Koban culture

With particular satisfaction I must note that a similar local versions of the local culture, almost along the same lines, were established V. I. Markovin for the culture of the earlier period — the middle bronze age, and V. A. Kuznetsov for later, already Alanic culture of the early middle ages. This is very significant for the clarification of our theme.

Indeed, if you look closely to the specifics of a number of categories of the ancient material culture of Cobán, in the bowels it can be the most tangible trace the origins of the late medieval culture of a number of peoples of North Caucasus and, primarily, the Ossetian people. Moreover, we can trace the stability of a number of ancient leading signs, in preserved material and spiritual culture of the Ossetians until recently.

Here a series of examples and facts. It has long been established that the most typical funerary structures of the ancient Koban culture was a rectangular tomb made of stone slabs — two-three long and two short. Continue reading


Built thousands of years ago and miraculously survived to our days, built from materials of unknown origin and conceal their true function in strange forms – on the planet there are many mysterious structures that are associated with unsolved mysteries. Some of them can impress with its impressive age, other impressive size, and some truly fantastic architectural characteristics. Looking at similar structures, you can only guess what was our world thousands of years ago. How people were able to obtain unique building materials and process them in a skillful way, to build an indestructible stone walls and carving of the rocks, the monoliths are incomprehensible to us destination – on these issues, scientists continue to ponder one hundred years.
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Machu Picchu — the ancient city of the Inca Empire

Machu Picchu remains a Testament to the former power of the Inca Empire. More than 500 years ago the achievements of the Incas in construction allowed without mortar to lay stone blocks so closely to each other that in the gap it is impossible to insert a knife.

The walls of the city of Machu Picchu

Remains of Machu Picchu (also known as the “city among the clouds”) are located high on a ridge height of 2450 meters, surrounded on three sides by the turbulent Urubamba river. It is still unknown what purpose were all these palaces, squares, temples and houses. Perhaps it was a military fortress, a temple complex or a mountain refuge for the rulers. This location is ideal for any purpose. Continue reading

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