"Plastic technology" in ancient structures
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Pyramids of Egypt — a unique creation of mankind
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In Kiev opened the third largest in the world the Mormon temple

The Church is located at the District at the entrance to the Zhulyanskyi bridge. Judging by its scale, the Church explicitly seeks to increase the number of believers, but the Mormons have not been taken service of mass, as Christians, writes Newspaper in Kiev. On its site they built a hotel on the 64 places in which you plan to place the guests from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Turkey.

The main volume of the temple is striking in scale to three five-meter floor. Spire height is 42 meters. For comparison, the dome of the Cathedral of St. Michael below three meters. Built their Church on the Mormons for three years by modern technology. Outside the building is faced with granite a light color, which glistens in the sun. Stained glass with the image of spikelets was designed by Jurgen Zircon – a native of salt lake city capital of Utah and the “capital” of all Mormons.

Before entering the temple, Church members wear Shoe covers on your feet – “there is clean carpet”. The interior of the Church – a cross between a five-star hotel and a Museum, writes the edition. Everywhere marble floors, high vaults, instead of icons with the picture of Jesus in gilt frames, in the ceiling of each room is mounted lattice of air conditioners.

There are no icons, no crosses, of saints the Mormons only Jesus. Unlike solid internal volume of our churches, these are the rooms, halls, buildings for learning, designed for groups up to 20 people.

Also there is a “sealing room” where the husband and wife, father and son undergo the rite of reunification forever. That is, in this case, the Mormons believe that we will remain together and in the best of worlds. Near the altar in front there are two mirrors where you see dozens of reflections of himself.

The Mormons carried out the rite of baptism of the dead. It is believed that by doing this in relation to any of their ancestors, the believer gives him eternal life.

By the way, the parishioners are in the Church only in a special, almost white clothes, everyday things stay in the locker room.

Followers of the Church of Jesus of latter-day Saints, informally known as “Mormonism”, from the name of the book of Mormon, which the Church venerates as Holy Scripture. This Protestant denomination founded by American Joseph Smith circa 1820.

Mormons believe the Church that Christ built ceased to exist after his ascension, and was restored by Joseph Smith. The Mormons were persecuted on the territory of States due to allowed among them polygamy. In 1850 the Mormons settled in Utah, and after 46 years to be officially sanctioned by law, religion, renounced polygamy.

Mormons abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and tobacco. The moral code includes a law of chastity that prohibits sexual relations outside heterosexual marriage. Members from 19 to 25 years old have two years of my life to devote missionary mission to go to preach in other countries, women over 21 years to 18 months.

All members of the community pay the Church tithes – a tenth of their income. The Church office is located in downtown salt lake city in Utah, USA. Its parishes are working in 162 countries around the world. In 2008 the number of its members was 13.5 million people, including 6 million in the United States. In Kiev, the same members from 5 to 6 thousand people, across the country – about 11 thousand.