Batumi Cathedral of blessed virgin Mary
The first thing that opens before travelers when looking at the Batumi panorama of the building of the magnificent Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. This Cathedral has…

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Gothic France
The Gothic style originated in France in the mid-twelfth century. The most significant works of the Gothic style in France are the cathedrals of Chartres, Amiens and Reims, but in…

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Svirzh Castle

Svirzh of Zamakshari to see in the archival documents of 1530, when it belonged to the noble family of SvirZ. But the modern form it has acquired from the mid-seventeenth century, since the transition in the property of count A. Zetner (name given to a whole district — Cetnarski and Botanical garden in Lviv). Earl ordered to rebuild and significantly strengthen the castle.

There are suggestions that the idea of Cetera to strengthen the Svirzh castle was made famous fortifier, General of artillery Paul Rozycki. Work on reconstruction of the castle was carried out around the same time, when General Rozycki built in Lviv just two Arsenal — Royal and Senyavsky.

Despite its favorable defensive location (the castle is located on mount Belz and was surrounded by impassable marshes, ponds, at the foot of the walls — moats and a drawbridge), Palace type of architecture could hardly have serious defensive value. It is known that during the Ukrainian-Polish war of 1648-1654 the castle did not take the time, Cossack troops, and in 1648 — was burned by the Tatars.

But in 1672, during the campaign of the Turks in Lviv, he still survived the Turkish siege. During the second campaign the Turks Svirzh castle again survived and protected people within its walls Pomoryansky castle, not having sufficient forces for defense, through the secret passage out into the forest and hid in Svirzh.