Ancient underground structures
The report is written only on the basis of requests and a deep respect for my old colleagues J. p. Baclawski (C. R.) and R. Biliki (Germany), the latter of…

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Mysterious places on Earth
The ARIZONA CRATER (the Crater of Barringer, the Canyon of the devil) is one of the largest and best preserved meteor crater, near canyon Diablo in Northern Arizona (USA). Modern…

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Attractions Germany


Built in 1711-1728 the years, the architectural ensemble in Dresden is one of the most significant buildings in the late Baroque style in Europe. Beautiful, ornate pavilions and the monumental gallery and a yard full of beautiful fountains, zavorajivayut thousands of visitors. The Palace is decorated with unique collection of exotic plants, as well as a unique collection of porcelain, which are both works of Chinese masters of the fifteenth century, and less well-known products from Meissen.

Neuschwanstein Castle

New Swan stone – the translation of the name of this castle is one of the magnificent monuments of Bavaria and one of the largest tourist centers in Germany. Located above the bend of the river Pollak in the Bavarian-Tyrolean Alps, neo-pseudo-Mauritian-neo-Gothic castle of the XIX century stone wonder of the world, at first glance, even unrealistic. Suffice it to say that this is the world famous architectural wonder was built for king Ludwig II, an admirer of the operas of Wagner and the German sagas, and became the prototype for the castle at Disneyland. Modeled on medieval castles, today the castle is the most visited monument in Germany.

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is an absolute masterpiece of architecture and one of the most vpechatljajushche Catholic churches. Considered by many to be the embodiment of Gothic. This is undoubtedly the merit of gigantic dimensions of the Church – standing on the banks of the Rhine the Cathedral is 157 metres high, 144 m long and 86 m in width Is the second tallest Gothic structure in the world (ahead of only the Cathedral in Ulm) and the third largest Gothic Cathedral in the world (after the cathedrals in Sevilla and Milan). Also has the world’s highest elevation. After graduating in 1880, and before the construction of the memorial to George Washington in Washington, it was the tallest building in the world. Today it is not only one of the symbols of Germany, and one of the largest tourist centers in the country.

Mainau and Reichenau island on Lake Constance

Both Islands, along with wonderful panorama of the Alps are reflected in the clear waters of Lake Constance, presenting an unforgettable experience for any tourist. Reichenau is famous on the island erected a Benedictine monastery and the huge role it played in the religious and cultural development of medieval Europe. The monks from the monastery had become famous throughout the world and the art of writing and decoration of books, and today the island, along with the monastery, are among the world heritage sites of UNESCO. The second island of Mainau is the place that is often called the island of flowers. Known for its wonderful parks and gardens, complete this truly tropical vegetation.

Palaces and gardens of Potsdam

Amazing palaces and gardens of Potsdam were built for the rulers of Brandenburg and Prussia, and their developers were the best architects of their eras. Covering more than 500 hectares, between Sanssouci in Potsdam and the island of Pavia in Berlin, the complex includes 150 buildings and the Park, created during trachta years (1730 – 1916). The most famous building is undoubtedly Sanssouci Palace. His name means “without worries”, and looking at this miracle of Rococo, it is not difficult to understand the meaning of the name.

The castle in Heidelberg

The castle in Heidelberg can without hesitation be called the most famous ruins in Germany. The castle was first destroyed by the Swedish army, and later, in 1693, the French under the command of Louis XIV. In addition, in 1764 it was struck by lightning.