Machu Picchu — the ancient city of the Inca Empire
Machu Picchu remains a Testament to the former power of the Inca Empire. More than 500 years ago the achievements of the Incas in construction allowed without mortar to lay…

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Chernigov. Troitsko-Ilyinsky monastery
Trinity-Elias monastery - one of the great monastic complexes of Ukraine (sorry for banal beginning). It could be called the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (LCP) in miniature (or Chernihiv-Pechersk Lavra), because it…

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The secrets of Gothic cathedrals

That represents the people, is evident by the fact that he buys and consumes what he has always found money and that they never have enough. The steel door to put in an apartment or bars on the Windows — always ready, a bench in the yard to make a flower garden or to break up — then forgive; to football or to go to a concert of the visiting stars — please, play by Chekhov — is more complicated.

What to complain? This idea, taken, by the way, the German philosopher Karl Jaspers, can be extended to the entire state: one has only look at the budget to see, and then, dear readers, you all will understand. What can a person or country forces, money and energy to spend then they are in essence. This rule is applicable for entire historical epochs.

For example, the middle Ages. What words only no call: dark and gloomy, and cruel, and ignorant… All true, but each city certainly the Gothic Cathedral was built, so that all residents and could accommodate, and the modern tourists at the sight of such a miracle is still breathtaking. And they were built not from the abundance of goods and not from someone’s generosity, after all, not eaten every day to the full, and to read and write hardly knew how, but without the Temple his life is not thought.

Slobodam now to live. No, to pile them in the middle of the city something special from glass and concrete, we still can, but only for business, recreation or relaxation our mortal shell. But to the Cathedral, Yes, with meaning, then Yes the whole city to come — alas, no longer works. Culture usefulness us stuck: turning, like the gears in the mechanism, make money, power… Not living, but surviving, and the further you go, the harder it is to culture of dignity back: to the true values, to development, to self, to respect and support another person. These are difficult times.

However, the person always chooses what your life to change, and it is not necessary to hardship to blame. Charles Nodier hardly be easier, when it’s contrary to fashion, not noticing the ridicule, was saved from the death of old books, returned from oblivion great names. And Nashokin to be a friend of the poet was not easy: not a brilliant writer in Pushkin to see, and man, grieving, raging, lonely, to be able to love him a living soul. But all this was long ago — a hundred, two hundred years ago, and how now to be?

Money, like time, man will want more. So let it be. It is important to have enough on the most important thing in life: the Cathedral, a book in great friendship or something like that; and that the issue price has not overshadowed the question of the value of all the above.

In Sochi will build a dolmen
Scientists from Sochi and Adygeya will conduct the experiment to create the dolmen. The analogue of the ancient structure they're going to create on the mountain Bytkha, in Khostinsky district…


Next to Stonehenge was found by the Swedish construction of the stone age
Today as five thousand years ago southern Scandinavia had a humid climate and was characterized by frequent precipitation. The coast was covered with dense deciduous and mixed forests, which, like…

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