The most mysterious places on Earth
Our planet is full of different mysterious places. Now we will remove only a small portion of these unusual and strange places of the Earth. ABHAYAGIRI (Sanskrit) - mountain of…

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Mysterious places on Earth
The ARIZONA CRATER (the Crater of Barringer, the Canyon of the devil) is one of the largest and best preserved meteor crater, near canyon Diablo in Northern Arizona (USA). Modern…

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Holy Trinity Church in Kiev

Initially, Holy Trinity parish Church stood on the site of the little Park between houses 49 and 51 in Krasnoarmeyskaya street (independence square).

The Church of the Holy Trinity was placed in the area of New Building on the initiative of Metropolitan Filaret (Amfiteatrov) about the ordering of the parishes of old Kiev. It replaced the Trinity Church in the Upper town, intended for demolition according to the project of the new organization of the space between the Hagia Sophia and the St. Michael monastery. Project wooden on a brick Foundation of the temple was made in 1852 diocesan architect Paul Sparro, but in the capital’s Main Department of communications and public works has made adjustments in view of the facades. The construction of the Church started in 1856, the Church was consecrated on 12 October 1859 On the stories of Nikolay Leskov, her priest at that time was one of Kyiv “Antiques” He Euthymius, who, according to rumor, was buried in a makeshift crypt under the Church of his beloved wife.

The Church in the plan were in the form of an elongated cross, with a hipped octagonal dome above the crossing and a hipped bell tower above the narthex. In 1865 the building was lined with brick. In the late nineteenth century made new brick fence with a gatehouse. Temple utensils obtained from old Trinity Church. In addition to the high altar, was the chapel in honour of the GreatMartyr Panteleimon. The Shrine of the temple was the ancient icon of the Mother of God of Kazan.

Since 1901, when the New Structure was erected Nicholas Church, began a movement for construction of a new brick Church of Trinity parish, who Majesty would not concede to the Church. This was done by a specially formed Committee. At first he ordered the construction of the Church the diocesan architect Evgeny Ermakov. Later (in 1903) Vladimir Nikolaev has prepared a different, cheaper version of the draft. Further to the design, invited the engineer Basil Listovnichiy, in 1908, tried to hold a contest and eventually returned to the candidate Ermakova, the draft of which 11 September 1911, construction began (in the middle of the block, near the Eastern apses of the old Church). The new Church was to be bunk, the plan is close to rectangular, with a huge marquee dome and four small onion domes (the construction of a high bell tower is included in second phase works); in its design eclecticism were United the motives of pseudo-Russian style and one art Nouveau, neo-Russian style. In 1913 were about the walls, and later built a small dome, but the First world war and revolutionary events prevented the completion of construction. Unfinished Church were dismantled after in 1931 the people’s Commissariat of education of Ukraine gave the permission to do so.

With regard to the old Church, the Soviet authorities registered the parish community in September 1920 In the early 1930-ies the Church was closed and used arbitrarily. The Church services were resumed here during the Nazi occupation. The Church was active and in the postwar period (repairing simplified her appearance), until, while according to the decision of Executive Committee dated September 25, 1962, it was demolished in one night. The name of the temple at different times was reflected in the names of Trinity square, Trinity market, Holy Trinity people’s house.