Some of the most mysterious places of Russia
Rich Russian land, as it turned out, not only talents and minerals, but also anomalous zones, wonderful things are sometimes to be explained from the scientific point of view, but…

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Gothic style in French architecture
The concept of the Gothic style introduced during the Renaissance as a contemptuous reference to medieval architecture. In the nineteenth century chronologically divided the Gothic in its early, Mature and…

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Ancient monasteries

The borgund stave Church

One of the oldest surviving stave churches are in Norway. Metal parts in the construction of stavkirke Borgund was not used. And the number of parts that make up the Church, more than 2 thousand. Durable frame stands gathered on the ground and then raised into the vertical position with the help of long poles. Built the borgund stave Church presumably in 1150-80.
The Cathedral Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brasilia was built in the modernist style by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. In 1988, Oscar Niemeyer received the Pritzker prize for the design of the Cathedral. The building consists of 16 hyperboloid columns, symbolizing the hands raised to the sky. The space between the columns is closed by stained glass Windows.
The Church Of Grundtvig

Lutheran Church located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Is one of the most famous churches of the city and a rare example of cult buildings, built in the style of expressionism. The competition of projects of the future Church was won in 1913 by the architect Peder Klint. Construction lasted from 1921 to 1926.
The Cathedral — minor Basilica of our lady of glory Cathedral

This is the highest in Latin America Catholic Cathedral. Its height is 114 m + 10 m cross on top. The shape of the Cathedral was inspired by Soviet satellites. The primary project of the Cathedral invited don Jaime Luiz Coelho and designed by the Cathedral architect josé Augusto Bellucci. The Cathedral was constructed in the period from July 1959 to may 1972.
The Church of the consolation

Located in the Spanish city of Cordoba. Young Church was designed by the architectural Bureau of Vicens + Ramos last year all the rules of strict minimalist canons. The only deviation from the strictly white color is a Golden wall on the site of the altar.
The Church of St. George

Cave Church, entirely carved into the rocks, located in the Ethiopian town of Lalibela. The building is a cross of 25 to 25 meters and the same goes underground. This miracle was created in the 13th century by order of king Lalibela according to legend in 24 years. Only 11 churches in Lalibela, entirely hewn in the rock and connected by tunnels.
St Joseph’s Church

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Joseph in Chicago was built in 1956. Known the world over for 13 gold domes symbolizing the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ.
The Cathedral of our lady in tears

The Council in the form of concrete tent rises over the Italian city of Syracuse. In the middle of the last century on the site of the Cathedral lived an elderly couple who had a statuette of the Madonna. Once the statue began “to weep” human tears, in the city flocked pilgrims from all over the world. In her honor was built the Cathedral, a huge, perfectly visible from any point in the city.
Salt Cathedral Zipaquira

Cathedral of Zipaquirá in Colombia is carved in solid rock salt. The altar leads to a dark tunnel. The height of the Cathedral is 23 m, capacity — more than 10 thousand people.Historically this place was mine, used by Indians to obtain salt. When this is no longer required, the site of the mine came the temple.
The cadet chapel of the U.S. air force Academy

Located in Colorado in the territory of a military camp and training base of the Academy branch pilots of the U.S. air force. Monumental profile of the building of the chapel create a seventeen rows of steel frames, ending with peaks at an altitude of about fifty meters. The building is divided into three levels, and in its halls serving Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths.
The St. Michael’s Golden-domed monastery

One of the oldest monasteries in Kiev. Includes the Newly built St. Michael’s Golden-domed Cathedral, a refectory with the Church of St. John the theologian and the bell tower. It is assumed that Michael’s Cathedral was the first temple with a gilded dome, where Russia has gone on this kind of tradition.
The chapel of the crowning with thorns

A wooden chapel is located in Eureka springs, Arkansas, USA. The chapel was built in 1980 by architect E. Fay Jones. The building is bright and spacious chapel, a total of 425 Windows.
The Arctic Cathedral

Lutheran Church in the Norwegian city of Tromso. According to the architect the exterior of the building consists of merging two triangular structures covered with aluminum plates, should cause an Association with an iceberg.
The painted Church at Arbore

Painted temples — the most famous architectural sights of Moldova. The Church is decorated with frescoes both inside and outside. Each of these temples listed as world heritage by UNESCO.
Mosque in Tirana

The project of a cultural centre in the Albanian capital Tirana, which will include a mosque, Islamic cultural centre and Museum of religious harmony. An international competition for the project won last year Danish architects, BIG.
Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi island

The Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi island in Karelia is nanotechnology of wooden architecture, the apogee of carpentry art. The Church was founded in 1714 and is part of the architectural ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost included in the world heritage List of UNESCO. The basis of the structure is the octahedral frame — “octagon” — two-stage with four annexes, placed on both sides of the world. On the lower octagon are successively put two octahedral frameworks of smaller size. The blockhouse of the Church made in the tradition of Russian carpentry — no nails. The nails are only in the domes.
The Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque

The white marble Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque, one of the six largest mosques in the world, located in Abu Dhabi. It was opened in 2007 and since March 2008 tours of the mosque available to everyone, not just Muslims. Mosques spread out in the world’s largest carpet and the largest chandelier.
Chapel farmers

A concrete chapel on the edge of a field near the German city of Mechernich was built by local farmers in honor of its patron Saint of Bruder Klaus.
Cologne Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Gothic Cathedral in Cologne (Germany) took third place in the list of the tallest churches in the world and is among the monuments of world cultural heritage. The main temple of the Cologne Archdiocese has conducted twice — in 1248-1437, and 1842-1880. On completion of the 157-metre-high Cathedral 4 years was the tallest building in the world.
Inflatable Church

The Dutch philosopher Frank Los (Los Frank) invented an inflatable Transparent Church the Church, which can be erected in any corner of the globe and under all conditions: at festivals, private parties and other events. Inflatable Church can easily fit in the trunk of the car and disassembled can fit about 30 parishioners.

Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary
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The Architecture Of The East
Eastern architecture, architecture vostoklada of Asia is a mountainous region with plenty of wood and stone. A wooden column, standing on a stone plinth here becomes the main architectural element.…

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