France. Chartres Cathedral.
“Now do not build Gothic cathedrals. In the old days people had convictions; we, the contemporaries, there is only opinion, and opinion is not enough to create a Gothic temple.”…

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"Plastic technology" in ancient structures
Variant of mechanical (or manual) processing of the stone in the cases shown in the photo below is not applicable, as cannot be explained. I'm not dismissing it completely. It…

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Paris police found a mysterious building

Paris police have discovered unmarked in the plans of the cave under the city center an entertainment complex consisting of a cinema and restaurant.

As reported on the website of the Guardian newspaper, the police has no idea about who its owner is. According to police, were found in the cave of the swastika, Celtic crosses and stars of David, adjacent to each other, indicating that there was going to members of some sect or secret society. The members of the special police detachment responsible for security in the underground Paris, came upon the cave while training under the Palais de Chao, which is not far from the Eiffel tower across the river Seine. Entering the dungeon through a manifold near the Trocadero, the police saw a piece of canvas with the inscription: “under construction. Trespassing”.

For a tarp, they found a Desk and camera, which automatically removed all those passing by. When a person in the camera field of view start audio recording of dogs barking, “clearly designed to scare people”. Further, the tunnel led police to the cave with an area of 400 square meters and a height of 18 meters, the walls of which were carved niches and chairs were placed. In the room hung a large screen, there was Projectiondesign, and there were a lot of films with a variety of films, including classics of the genre “film Noir” 1950s and more recent thrillers. According to the police spokesman, forbidden films was not among them. In a small cave near the cinema hall was found a kind of a restaurant bar, where stood bottles of whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, and even a pressure cooker for making couscous. The cave was professionally conducted electricity and had at least three phone lines.

Three days later, when the police returned to the cave in the maintenance electricians to find out whence comes the power, all electrical telephone wires were cut, and the floor was a note, which stated: “do Not try to find us”.

Near Paris since the days of Roman rule there is an extensive network of tunnels, from which was quarried the stone for building the city. The total length of tunnels amounts to 275 kilometers. Since 1955 a large part of the cave is closed to visitors, and tourists drive guided in a restricted sector, which is called the Catacombs (Les Catacombes). Here at the end of the XVIII century were transferred the remains of six million Parisians from the crowded city cemeteries.

It is known that in Paris there are several groups, so-called “cataphiles” who secretly explore the dungeon and have picnics there. It is assumed that one of such groups recently dug tunnels under the high security prison of La Sante. Another grouping under the name “Sneaky Mexicans” recently told French radio that she belonged to the underground cinema.

About Gothic churches
IMHO the Most unusual Gothic Church: in Norway, Trondheim. He's almost 1000 years. Mystical. Black. Place of palomnichestva Christians, and not only the Vikings, whose leader Olaf, who brought faith…


Mysterious places on Earth
The ARIZONA CRATER (the Crater of Barringer, the Canyon of the devil) is one of the largest and best preserved meteor crater, near canyon Diablo in Northern Arizona (USA). Modern…

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