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France. Chartres Cathedral.

“Now do not build Gothic cathedrals. In the old days people had convictions; we, the contemporaries, there is only opinion, and opinion is not enough to create a Gothic temple.” Heinrich Heine

“Chartres Cathedral – the place where an atheist feels uncomfortable.” Napoleon

Gothic… there is nothing more majestic and sublime, nothing has the same impact even on the most meager imagination, even on the most pragmatic and insensitive the brain, on the coldest mind, not bound by religion, superstition and mysticism… This stone, which was thirsty for a day, devoid of weight, aspiring to heights, the triumph of the spirit over the defeated decay. Awe causes involuntary recognize the authority and power of the Gothic.

But it is a grim reminder of the impermanence of all things, this is a severe warning to those who think about themselves too much, fell into pride, did not heed that “everything is permitted, but not everything is permitted”, has forgotten that he is only a grain of sand in the Universe…

Let me be clear: I’m not one of those who are close to religious ecstasy, but in Chartres Cathedral I was the first time (and last) bought a candle and sat with it in his hands, contemplating the stained glass Windows under the organ. There is a perception that the Church is able to affect people physically. Apparently, this happened to me…and still I’m trying not to lose the previously unknown feeling.

The place for construction was chosen. Even in pre-Christian times, the hill on which stands the Cathedral, was a sacred territory of the Celtic priests, the place of initiation and gaining a new vision of life. The Celts believed that the sacrifice here will be most enthusiastically accepted by the gods. In Roman times the hill was occupied by the forum and the temple.

According to experts on esoterica, the Cathedral is located on geomantic lines (what is important such line, and who drew, me clear explanation could not be found), which connects Reims with Brittany. Under the Central part of the Cathedral is detected intersecting the watercourses, they turn the place into a centre of radiation of electromagnetic waves.

And here, amid the gloomy mists of the middle Ages the world was a “miracle” – in just 30 years (and cathedrals of that time were built centuries) ascended to heaven unprecedented building and amaze its silhouette, size, exquisite stained glass Windows, Lancet arches, carved columns.

It was the first Notre Dame in the history of France. A huge maze, the length of the right path which is the path of Jesus to Calvary (according to different sources ranges from 258 to 261 m), symbolizing the pilgrim road to the attainment of enlightenment, greets visitors at the entrance. Before the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is considered the third most important Christian center after Rome and Jerusalem (the road to it began in Chartres), the pilgrim was on his knees to get through this labyrinth. Precious relic of Chartres – the intercession of Mary, who allegedly was on her during the birth of the Savior of Christians. Cover this at the time, stopped besieging the city of the Normans led by Graham-Walker (Hrolf this man was extremely large and no horse he could not stand. Nicknamed him Gralf-Walker). And before the 18th century were kept in the temple a very ancient wooden statue of the Black Madonna is clearly of pagan origin, and probably connected with the cult of the goddess of the moon. Black maiden she’s the Queen of the Night, the prototype of the Queen from the South, perhaps the embodiment of the Egyptian goddess ISIS is revered by many people of the female deity.

We have the ability to see the Cathedral in its original form, it is one of the few (if not the only) instance of “pure Gothic”. Recommended for mandatory visit. Exactly as the ancient city of Chartres, not big, but colorful.

Chartres, Eure-et-Loir. Is located 90 km South-West of Paris.

From Paris by train: from Gare Montparnasse, 59 min, today 14 Euro.