Unique temples of the world
Churches all over the world have a remarkable architectural variety. The architecture of temples has a very rich and controversial history, which, however, shows that with the construction of temples…

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Funerary structures of the ancient Koban culture
With particular satisfaction I must note that a similar local versions of the local culture, almost along the same lines, were established V. I. Markovin for the culture of the…

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Megalithic masonry

Allocate different groups of megaliths and the megalith can formally be considered as a rough-hewn dolmen in Europe. and higher processing blocks on the ruins of Puma Punku. For ease of understanding in this note we call megaliths only those blocks whose origin still remains a mystery.

These megaliths are the basis of many ancient temples and pyramids. Distinguishes them from ordinary stones highest quality treatment, as well as a huge weight, some megaliths weigh over 100 tons. Sophisticated megalithic masonry of perfectly processed by machine blocks found all over the world, there are the megaliths at the base of the Egyptian pyramids, the temples of the Aztecs in South America and at the base of Baalbek.

Age megaliths on average 8-10 thousand years and more. Probably, our ancestors were the ancient buildings of sophisticated megalithic masonry and built their temples and buildings already on top. This is evidenced by the difference in the treatment of stone, and the size of the blocks and their age. Again, the blocks lying at the base of most churches is much older than what is built on top of them. Judging by the size, quality processing and technical explicit purpose of many of them, megaliths was what any of the technical installations built by aliens in the era of paleokontakta early Mesolithic. I would venture to suggest that these were the launch sites. At least this version would have been logical from the point of view of the need for such masonry.

We now consider some examples of this masonry, and how do you make sure the size of the blocks and the machining quality is truly impressive. Don’t need to have engineering education to understand that 8-10 thousand years ago, and now such blocks is simply impossible to repeat.

Blocks in the ruins of Puma Punku. Officially it is considered that the construction of Puma Punku began in 1510 BC. We see that the data blocks had a technical purpose, probably the Puma Punku was an ancient spaceport.

The quality of processing blocks in Puma Punku affects how and what they were made of diorite and granite, it is one of the hardest materials on earth, so it is actually these blocks come in such beautiful quality. However, scientists are asked to believe us that it was made by the Indians. And while any engineer will tell you that it’s absurd and funny, but it is considered the “official history”.

The megaliths at the base of Baalbek in Lebanon, the weight of many of them reaches 2000 tons (!),

Architecture Rococo
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Gothic cathedrals of France
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