Machu Picchu — the ancient city of the Inca Empire
Machu Picchu remains a Testament to the former power of the Inca Empire. More than 500 years ago the achievements of the Incas in construction allowed without mortar to lay…

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The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague
The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague — six centuries of work were not in vain, Leaving spires of Prague, in the sky, grandiose and mystically beautiful, mysterious and geometrically perfect,…

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In Sochi will build a dolmen

Scientists from Sochi and Adygeya will conduct the experiment to create the dolmen. The analogue of the ancient structure they’re going to create on the mountain Bytkha, in Khostinsky district of Sochi, and later to try to repeat and on the territory of Maikop district of Adygea Republic. And construction even plan to use primitive tools.

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– As you know, the dolmens – ancient places of worship belonging to the category of megaliths. They are composed of large multi-ton slabs. Still there are several hypotheses about the emergence and purpose of these buildings. We want to prove that their appearance is the work of man, – said the Chairman of the Adygei regional branch of the Russian geographical society Igor Ogai.

Specialists Adyghe and Sochi offices of the RGS want to completely replicate the ancient process of creating the dolmen. They carve slabs of limestone, and then manually try to collect the stone building on the analogy with already known sites.

Suitable for the construction of an unusual rock found on the mountain Bytkha in Sochi, where, according to historians, from ancient times has survived several stone mounds. The very same spot the indigenous people of this area, the Ubykhs, who were considered sacred. Near this mountain and will be built ballyconneely dolmen.

By the way, to help local scientists will come and their colleagues from St Petersburg, which will make for interesting operations of silicon and granite tools (similar to those used by people five thousand years ago). With these tools and will use a team consisting of ten people, for the structure of animals and processing of stone slabs. According to participants of the project, the most difficult is to cut the blanks so to put them together perfectly, as on the ancient structures.

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Dolmens is a unique ancient structures built of huge stone slabs. There are known more than two thousand damenmoden buildings, which, according to experts, was built in IV-III century BC. Archaeologists have still not determined the exact purpose of these megaliths.

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