The Gothic quarter
The historic part of Barcelona called the Gothic, is considered the pearl of the Catalan metropolis. Stone buildings, palaces and mansions, churches, apartment houses, narrow streets and squares of the…

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Pyramids of Egypt — a unique creation of mankind
From Cairo to Fayum oasis among the hot Sands has a plume of mysterious buildings created by human hands. The pyramids of Egypt are one of the biggest mysteries of…

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The most mysterious places on the planet: the market of Sonora

During my life I have been in so many places, but, as any practicing magician, not an ordinary tourist routes. I will say even more: tourists, on the contrary, by all means try to avoid places that attract me while traveling. Many of these places are famous for their anomalous properties, the popularity of the other is based on their very dark reputation. Today I want to tell you about the place that just love to look tourists, although they feel there is not comfortable. We will focus on the market of Sonora, located in one of the most populous people in the world, Mexico city, Mexico.

I’ve certainly talked about that many peoples in the third Millennium, continue to adhere to the ancient magical traditions. I’m not talking about individuals, not lost in an age of scientific progress faith in miracles, and a massive commitment to the centuries-old traditions that could not destroy religion, nor science. Most residents of Mexico are still much more likely to trust the mages and healers than scientists and doctors. I will not assess such worldview, but I admit that in Mexico city I felt as good as anywhere in the world. Anyone sensitive to magic energy felt here is incredible tireless activity, will be able to join modname flow.

The Sonora market is not a place where you can buy farm milk, or cheap clothes. Here you will acquire Souvenirs, in the usual sense of the word. The Sonora market is a market where you can always buy any ingredients for magical rituals, amulets, charms and much more, which is not conceivable without the practice of any magician. Needless to say that regular visitors to Sonora are not only Mexicans that are here are looking for healers and wizards, but also sorcerers, shamans, and other practitioners from around the world. There are many magical ingredients that can be purchased with cash only here.

Despite its specificity, the market of Sonora is absolutely legal. And it’s not the omission of the authorities. I personally witnessed how police had acquired from practicing Voodoo sorcerer’s magical potion for her son. This is the mentality of Latin American people.