Batumi Cathedral of blessed virgin Mary
The first thing that opens before travelers when looking at the Batumi panorama of the building of the magnificent Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. This Cathedral has…

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Ancient monasteries
The borgund stave Church One of the oldest surviving stave churches are in Norway. Metal parts in the construction of stavkirke Borgund was not used. And the number of parts…

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What they are about dolmens?

Across the planet thousands of years ago were erected megalithic structures, which lead to the astonishment of all of us mere mortals, but also of modern scientists. The creation of these buildings in those days in itself is impossible, but, nevertheless, they exist, in defiance of modern science and as for us still a mystery.

We don’t know who built these structures, but none, perhaps, is no doubt the fact that the ancient builders had possessed great knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, Geology and architecture. As well as the Grand monuments and structures in historic times were erected around the world, we can conclude that we, modern people know almost nothing about their own history. And a new interpretation is already in the works of modern scientists and researchers.

The Orthodox science concerning dolmens have accumulated more questions than answers. According to the official version, the dolmens were the places of worship that served for the burial of chiefs and noble people. But, as mentioned above, many scholars have differently interpreted the purpose of dolmens and other megalithic structures. A lot of controversy going around recreating technologiestraat and purpose of the megaliths. Plate most of the dolmens have been so exactly fitted to each other, through the gap was impossible to squeeze even the blade. And it is under such considerable dimensions of the structures! Often the technology of construction is so time-consuming, puzzling modern man. Indeed, in many cases, the weight of the individual elements of the structure ranged from 5 to 15 tons, and the place where the rock was extracted were located at a distance of tens or even hundreds of kilometers – and this despite the fact that similar material could be found much closer.

Transport of stone blocks was a challenge yet, perhaps more time-consuming than the construction itself. In terms of, for example, of the Caucasus, where he found more than 2000 dolmens (and this is not the limit!), at that time the scientists were hardly the road. And, of course, many researchers of megaliths is surprising very accurate and sometimes sophisticated processing of stone slabs. After the construction of such structures if we adopt a formal science that studies the period was very time consuming.

How was it possible to achieve this skill in the technique of construction and the performance in terms of hard struggle for survival? And if we consider the fact that the Caucasus has discovered a lot of dolmen constructions, which are located on the ground in large “settlement”, where the number sometimes there are more than 25, 50, 150, 300, quite dizzy from the different versions and assumptions. It is a pity that interest in the dolmens, especially in Russia, arose when already most of it had been destroyed, and sometimes is brutally destroyed. Even in the thickets of the forest, where the technique came and shook down the entire settlement… just for the sake of courage. From officially registered just over 2,000 dolmens, found in the Caucasus, unfortunately, as much as dilapidated and there are not more than 150.

Some of the researchers noticed that even the name “megalithic culture” that we often use, reflects our confusion rather than understanding: it literally is just “the culture of the big stones”. And given the fact that stone structures can be found in almost all parts of the world, and that their very presence and technique evokes deep respect for the builders and a lot of questions, allows scientists and researchers of megaliths to relax and not to reckon with the fact that we actually have. And certainly does not tally the construction of megaliths and the statues of Easter island, the Peruvian lines and shapes, Chinese, Egyptian pyramids and the pyramids of other countries and peoples with a man in skins and a stone axe, which, according to official science, lived in that distant era.

What silent dolmens… Many people, once coming in contact with them, can not live away from them. And there are many examples. And everyone “silence” dolmens perceives in his own way. In the valley of the river Janet, not far from Noumea, for many years near the dolmens people live, studying and worshiping this mysterious and fascinating structures. In the summer they live in tents, in winter in dugouts. In our time…– many would say and shrug his shoulders in disbelief. Well, everyone in this life your path and your destiny.

For many years I gave tours of the dolmens in a river valley in the Environs, but not even assumed that in the vicinity of these facilities may live in holes people. Live in the woods and can’t, according to them, to leave stone giants once participated in who and what they were. To me it was a little difficult to understand these people living in tents in summer, in winter they take to the mountains and live in mud huts… with children. Each of them has a profession, apartment, house, and all the “charms” of civilization, which, seemingly, have to do our lives day by day more beautiful and comfortable. They are not persecuted by society. They have relatives, friends and all that needs to be a normal person. But these people are much happier many… They are enlightened and very clean.

One girl from Central Russia confidently told me his story. She became seriously ill little girl. Physicians, as she explained, “refused” from her daughter. In desperation, the mother did not know what to do and quite by accident, on the Internet, on a forum, she offered to come with a girl and live near the dolmens. Having retired from his job, the woman for the sake of the baby and renewed hope arrived in an unfamiliar region… to the dolmens. She lives there for several years. Besides the fact that they were treated, just being close to the megalith, she gave the child tea from juniper. The girl is fully recovered and lives with her grandmother in one of the major cities of Russia, as summer comes to dolmens. My question is, does the girl get back home to the big city, in a familiar environment for her, she replied, lost in thought and tears that it’s hard to find the strength to leave the dolmens.

This amazing property of dolmens – so to fall in love with people. Going from energy flows, create some very ethereal emotional sensations, and the world after that look in other eyes. But not everyone, unfortunately, can understand it and see. But, in my opinion, may even come close… One of my new forest friends once said: “Here time slows down, stands still and eternity. From completeness of sensations the heart beats faster”. Because of the dolmens, as nowhere else, feel the infinity of the universe, the greatness of the surrounding nature and the desire to look deeper into his soul. Lovers dolmens, do not call for communication with the megaliths and avoid talking about them, it’s personal perception. And useless for someone to call for a closer acquaintance with them. An understanding of the dolmens is real or not. The other is simply not allowed.