The most mysterious places on Earth
Our planet is full of different mysterious places. Now we will remove only a small portion of these unusual and strange places of the Earth. ABHAYAGIRI (Sanskrit) - mountain of…

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Paris police found a mysterious building
Paris police have discovered unmarked in the plans of the cave under the city center an entertainment complex consisting of a cinema and restaurant. As reported on the website of…

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Mysterious places on Earth

The ARIZONA CRATER (the Crater of Barringer, the Canyon of the devil) is one of the largest and best preserved meteor crater, near canyon Diablo in Northern Arizona (USA). Modern dimensions of the crater: with a diameter of 1265 m, depth 175 m, elevation of the shaft — 40-48 m it is Assumed that the crater appeared as a result of falling to Earth at about 27 thousand years ago dvuhmillimetrovy Nickel meteorite about the size of 61–79 m. apparently, it is the body of the meteorite was discovered in the area under the ground using a drilling rig, but attempts at commercial production of Nickel from the ground failed. The location of the crater a long time was known to the local Indians, who used it for their own purposes metal fragments of a meteorite. Local tribes resulted in a huge number of legends associated with this sacred place. Scientists about the existence of the crater became known only since 1891. This is not the largest meteorite that fell to Earth. In the Antarctic, on the island of Wilkes in 1962 discovered a meteor crater 241 km and a depth of 800 m In Canada on the coast of Hudson Bay has a crater with a diameter of 443 km. From 1950-ies to the present by many tourists and local residents have reported their observations over the Arizona crater: the glow of Vozduha hangs UFO. According to some, in the centre of the crater sometimes allegedly observed gravimetric and chronal anomalies. The crater is often used as the scenery for the filming of a science fiction movie about traveling earthlings to other planets, the arrival of a huge UFO in “its closed from prying eyes secret Harbor”.

ABHAYAGIRI (Sanskrit) — mountain of Fearlessness in Ceylon, on which is an ancient Vihara (monastery), where in the middle ages lived many of the Buddhist monks of the heretical school Abhayagiri Basinah (School Hidden in the forest). And mountain school, which was situated there, is the most mystical and mysterious in Ceylon. The fate has a strange way of missing people (and in the year 400 BC there were about 5 thousand) we only know that they left the island and settled on the other side of the Himalayas, possibly in the area of Shambhala. However, still traces of their settlements or the descendants of these people are not found.

PRODIGAL PLACE — an old name for abnormal where there is the most incredible incident in the first place — a complete loss of spatial orientation. The size of these anomalies varies from 100–200 m up to 1–5 km are rarely outdoors of townspeople wandering, for example, in the forest — it is natural: there are no reference points, like trees, and also step with one foot (usually the right) in most people a few inches shorter than the other, which do not have experience specifying the direction of the reference point man cannot walk in a straight line and begins to describe circles with a diameter of 3–4 km away. there are Many legends about evil spirits, seeking to whirl the traveler is related to this feature of the body. Many, but obviously not all. Villagers are more accustomed to Hiking through the woods, lose much less, and this happens usually in the prodigal places that are well known to the peasants of the surrounding villages. Rare in the village show. How do we explain that in certain places even an experienced person runs the risk of getting lost? It is easiest to assume that witchcraft prodigal places due to the nature of the terrain: for example, heavily overgrown area of homogeneous forest, or, as is the case between the villages of Usage and Laterally located on the banks of the Oka, slightly trodden path, passing also through dense bushes, forks, and even the locals often get them mixed up. Perhaps in some instances the appearance of Bladna contribute to the anomalies of the magnetic field. It is now firmly proven that every human has its own magnetic compass, located at the base of the nose (according to other sources — in the cortex). The townspeople magnetic flair is manifested in the subconscious level, the savages use it consciously, our ordinary villagers to take some intermediate position: often use of its natural Compucom without realizing it. Maybe the formation of “enchanted places” contribute to undeveloped deposits of iron ore, not having industrial value.

VODLOZERO is the possible habitat of strange unidentified creatures in Karelia. In 1928 above the village Sukkawala near Vedlozero was observed a ten-span cylindrical body, from the tail which was bleeding red flame and sparks. Breaking the ice, the object went under water. After that, local residents began to meet on the shores of the loggerhead kind of creature just over a meter tall, with thin arms and legs. In 1932 the village was down a dense black cloud, after the land has remained jelly-like substance. Now in the village Sukkawala observed a strange noise television.

HUARAZ — anomalous zone, the area in the Western Cordillera (Peru), where, according to Peruvian ufologist, is very frequently observed the appearance of UFOs. For example, in the summer of 1996 a terrible panic among Peruvian shepherds have caused the emergence and landing with a terrible roar and the sharp fall of temperature of the ambient air immediately 2 trelkovsky machines, came from one of two large-headed humanoid creatures that took samples in a local stream [message ITAR-TASS from 24.08.1996]. Later reports of the manifestations of anomalous phenomena in the area were not as detailed.

The UBAR, the legendary and amazing in its history, lost city, lost from unknown disaster. The Ubar has always been considered literary fiction, but in 1990, archaeologists from the United States discovered in the Sands of Oman strange ruins of towers built 4500 years ago.

WHITBY, Whitby — possible anomalous place, the English Abbey is known for its large number of witnesses observed the ghosts. Here is the castle, sadly famous because of its dark walls inspired the writer Bram STOKER to write the book Lord Dracula. The appearance of the castle Ghost celebrated to this day, than, for example, I’m sure the Manager of the Abbey Leslie STAINTHORP that one morning, personally seen in the lumen of the Windows in the castle silhouette translucent ghosts. Local residents in one voice say that in addition to the ghosts of the castle was also chosen by the local cemetery and monastery, the wall which once bricked broken the vow of the nun who had the temerity to fall in love with a visiting knight.

BALLS-the MESSAGE — a mysterious rock formations perfectly round, discovered in the late 1940s, in the jungles of the Central American Republic of Costa Rica. Balls come in many sizes, from ten centimeters to three meters or more in diameter. When aerial photography revealed that they are scattered on the surface of the earth is not accidental, but formed by geometric figures. Their purpose remains a mystery. Experts baffled and the origin of the ball itself. It was even suggested that they were created by aliens because ancient people could not, to grind the stone to such a perfect shape. However, geologists claim that in the pits and creases in the stone bed of mountain rivers, too, there are round boulders. Rapid flow causes them to rotate, eventually forming a round formation. Could these orbs to appear and after the passage of glaciers during the Great ice. The fact that the round of puzzles, as it turns out, are found almost everywhere. In Kazakhstan in the development sandy quarry found several large specimens of the boulders a sufficient depth. Several dozen of these stones are Always in the ravine is 5 km West of Zhirnovsk of Volgograd region.

The TEMPLE of TEL-KHAZNA is an ancient complex of buildings, excavated by Moscow archaeologists in Northern Syria, one of the earliest known religious buildings of the planet, built in the late IV Millennium BC the specialists of the Institute of archaeology RAS believe that the temple was built by the architects of one of the ancient Semitic peoples (the others in those places did not exist then), but what exactly — remains to be seen. In the center of a prehistoric village, built in the shape of an oval, is an 8-meter high cone-shaped temple tower. According to participants of expedition, it was well preserved — even the plaster on the walls remained. The construction looks the same as 6 thousand years ago, –a rare stroke of luck for archaeologists. All buildings, including dwellings, are built of mud bricks mixed with straw. The excavations have yielded many sensational finds. From a depth of almost 15 m archeologists have lifted a clay tablet, dated to the 3rd Millennium BC in which the ancient agronomist kept track of the harvest. People of that time looked the same as modern. One was found in the village of graves suggests that the ancient people had a fairly large man. In a stone grave, scientists have found the skeleton of a huge 2-meter men, buried, according to the then rite, on the side with bent legs. Perhaps this implies that over 6 thousand years Semites considerably reduced their growth. What was the reason is unknown.