The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague
The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague — six centuries of work were not in vain, Leaving spires of Prague, in the sky, grandiose and mystically beautiful, mysterious and geometrically perfect,…

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On July 21, 365 years In celebration of the Nile, an earthquake occurred throughout the land. In Alexandria that killed 50 thousand people. Collapsed 180-meter-high lighthouse of Alexandria. On July…

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About Gothic churches

IMHO the Most unusual Gothic Church: in Norway, Trondheim. He’s almost 1000 years. Mystical. Black. Place of palomnichestva Christians, and not only the Vikings, whose leader Olaf, who brought faith to them, sleeping under the vaults of the eternal sleep.

It’s such a beauty! Window door seemed alive. Before the formidable form of Gothic churches, no one will remain indifferent! Next to them are usually the cemetery by the same style of architecture as the temples themselves. )Amria, if you’ll send when your Internet will be my last photos with these beauties.

This is one of my favorite types of architecture – Gothic style. PTS would like to visit this Gothic Church, its furnishings, old man. It’s not about your religion, it is about architecture. some of its direction. I elongated the peaks of roofs and elegant drawings and numerous protrusions and carvings very nice,and I especially like the Chimera =)usually, these churches are huge. and immediately comes to mind the idea. how much effort and imagination had to work to build this beauty

The first time I saw when was little. In Prague. Then I was greatly impressed. This architecture blows something mysterious and ancient. This embodiment of the present Gothic. But in General, Gothic cathedrals are just gorgeous. Who saw, that will understand me. Gargoyles, the ancient clock tower – is not forgotten. About such places one feels a special energy.The stones kept their history for the past so many centuries. Here the atmosphere, return to the past.

Gothic is generally very beautiful, and the temples are impossible to describe in words. They are majestic and aim for the sky. Insanely beautiful stained glass and Windows. The buildings themselves were as if carved. Looks just gorgeous and mysterious. I love to go to Gothic churches, they felt the power and authority of centuries. No words can describe the feeling.

Love, just love! I’m just in awe of Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg. Previously only seen them in pictures, but last week we went to Prague. St. Vitus Cathedral is something with something! From the outside it is such a beautiful, majestic, and inside is simply divine. High ceilings, stained glass variety. It is difficult to describe. Gothic architecture, after all, is my favorite. Even modern love.

These architectural masterpieces directed its spires into the sky, away from the Madding crowd. A fascinating spectacle.

Because there is a very beautiful arhitecture, everything. Mysterious, dark, alluring in depth. Ah, the beauty!

They are very beautiful. attracted by his slightly gloomy but spectacular views. around them and within themselves is always very mysterious but extremely attractive slightly gloomy atmosphere. they are fascinated by its grandeur and mystical views.

I’ve never been in any Gothic Church, but have seen them in photos. It’s such a beauty! My dream is to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

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