Paris police found a mysterious building
Paris police have discovered unmarked in the plans of the cave under the city center an entertainment complex consisting of a cinema and restaurant. As reported on the website of…

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On July 21, 365 years In celebration of the Nile, an earthquake occurred throughout the land. In Alexandria that killed 50 thousand people. Collapsed 180-meter-high lighthouse of Alexandria. On July…

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Next to Stonehenge was found by the Swedish construction of the stone age

Today as five thousand years ago southern Scandinavia had a humid climate and was characterized by frequent precipitation. The coast was covered with dense deciduous and mixed forests, which, like the waters of the Baltic sea, was teeming with wildlife, which was the target species of prehistoric man.

Hidden gem located just 40 metres from the “Ales stenar”, where, according to Scandinavian legend, the king was buried Strong Ale (photo Wikipedia).

This region of Europe known for its unique megalithic structures – stone ships, which are a group of stone blocks laid in the shape of a ship.

At a distance of only 40 meters from one of these “ships” – “Ales stenar” (Ale”s Stones) – in the province of skåne in southern Sweden has been made much more unique ancient discovery.

According to the management the Swedish national heritage site, trial excavations have revealed traces of megalithic structures, with an age of about 5500 years and the tools used by prehistoric man: a stone knife and scraper.

The dolmen in the center of the ring structure was installed approximately 5500 years ago (photo Bengt Soderberg/Riksantikvarieambetet).

Aerogeneradores a circular structure with a diameter of approximately 50 meters, consisting of stones and their prints.

“We found the fingerprints of massive boulders in the Central part, while the outer circle consists mainly of small stones,” explains Bengt Soderberg (Bengt Söderberg) from Lund University.

The archaeologist says that in the centre is a dolmen, which, judging by the traces, had dimensions of 20 meters by 8 meters and was oriented in the direction North-South.

Archaeologists have discovered traces of megalithic structures and tools: a scraper and a flint knife (photo Bengt Soderberg/Riksantikvarieambetet).

According to the first findings of the researchers, the stones of the dolmen can be used for the construction of the “Swedish Stonehenge”, as it is called “Ales stenar”.

Legendary Scandinavian king of the dynasty of Schaltungen, Strong Ale, according to legend, was buried in this place. Although archaeologists are still arguing about the age of “Stone Ale”, the most ancient Dating is 2500 years old.