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On July 21, 365 years

In celebration of the Nile, an earthquake occurred throughout the land. In Alexandria that killed 50 thousand people. Collapsed 180-meter-high lighthouse of Alexandria.

On July 21, the year 400.

About this date the fall of the lighthouse of Alexandria is mentioned infrequently, but it does not last, because the lighthouse can still be resurrected.

641-642 years. The first resurrection

According to Arab sources, during the conquest of Egypt (641-642), the beacon works perfectly.

Around the year 700

According to the same Arab sources, about 700 years BC, the lighthouse is again destroyed.

796 year

For some unknown reason, the lighthouse of Alexandria lost all the top part.


The lighthouse almost turned into ruins due to the intrigues of the Emperor of Constantinople, Sultan podinovski story that the foundations of the lighthouse of the treasure. Naive and believed the Sultan demolished the entire upper engineering that gives it annual fabulous profits and the city to international fame.

880 year

Sultan Ahmed Ibn Tulun was built up instead of top (working) part of the lighthouse dome of the mosque. The lighthouse is not functioning as makuja.

According to another version, the Sultan Ahmed Ibn Tulun restored the lighthouse, built a scaffolding to build the dome, but all of a sudden gust of wind ruined everything to its original state.

956 year

Earthquake. The lighthouse lost 22 meters height – the whole upper part, and on the walls were not compatible with the operation of the deep cracks.

1100 a year

The earthquake shook 1100 Alexandria and left from the lighthouse ground floor only. The lighthouse will never be restored, and in its place in the days of Sultan Qalawun mosque will be built.

1155-1183 years. The lighthouse again safe and sound

Visitors to the lighthouse witnessed in 1155 that the structure is fully intact and functional.

Arab traveler Abou-Haggag Al-Andaloussi visited the lighthouse and gave him a detailed description. The lighthouse safe and sound. That he fell or collapsed from earthquakes, no data.

Notary Burkhard sent in 1175 to Saladin, king of Babylon, lighthouse of Alexandria describes as normal operating. No one in Alexandria seems to have no idea that it is a Titanic structure ever fell.

And in 1183 the presence of the lighthouse – hunky – witnessed absolutely shocked by the wonder of the world traveler Ibn Jabar.

1303 year

It is believed that the global earthquake of 1303, made his already fallen four times and four times, fatally damaged the lighthouse deadly final blow.

1323 year

And again strong tremors, and again record the great damage of the structure and its final destruction to 1326.


In this, 1375 beacon was the last, the SEVENTH, once completely destroyed by an earthquake.

1480. The dismantling of the lighthouse

Sultan of Egypt, the Mamluk Quaba dismantles the remains of the beacon and uses its stones in the construction of the Fort Ashmawy, preserved to this day. And yet the history of the lighthouse of Alexandria ends.

1575 1683

The next resurrection of the lighthouse

Below are excerpts from two panoramas, 1575 and published in 1683. At the ends covering the Bay headlands are structures: on the left the Palace of the Governor, and to the right (however, without the tip) – the lighthouse of Alexandria. And it’s not copies of antique figures: the ships of the ocean, and in the city mosques. In 1575 the lighthouse waterlogged. In 1683 waterlogged and the lighthouse, and the Palace of the Governor (even the reflection in the water drawn).

For a total of 1318 years (with 365 in 1683) the lighthouse of Alexandria was once dismantled, was rebuilt twice in the mosque, four were seriously damaged and SEVEN (!) was destroyed to the ground, one of them twice (365 or 400 years) – 21 July. It was restored as the beacon it once, in the year 880, and that’s unfortunate. In fact, the lighthouse of Alexandria were simply resurrected – exactly 10 times.

It is obvious that most of these records describes the same event, and therefore, a large part of the ancient chronology into question. However, historians do not to see also much less transparent allusions, for example, direct matches are not only events, but dates.

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