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The ancient city of Casbah

Kasba — the old face of Algeria and his true soul. Here is stored the history of the ancient city.

The word “Casbah” translates from Arabic as “the fortress”. The most ancient Algerian cities walled. But unlike them, the Kasbah is surprising in its scope that it is often called the “city within a city”. Ancient structures were built on top of a hill, rising to a height of 120 metres above sea level.

Wall of the Kasbah was built during the Turkish domination — her remains have survived to the present day. Starts powerful fortification near the sea, from the promontory of El Kettani. Then the wall rises up, describing the hill around the Kasbah and again descends to the sea. Once this fortress had been a very serious defensive structure that helped to stop attacks from the sea.

Near the port there is a square located right in front of the Kasbah. They are building magnificent mosques; one of the largest and most beautiful among them — the JAMA-El-Kabir.

During wars on the territory of the ancient city covered a large number of residents.

Also in the fortress there is a large Palace complex of Dar — al-Sultan: it was the residence of the Algerian high-ranking commanders.

Very peculiar, but at the same time harmonious ensemble isone mosque Jumma-Safir. It was built in 1534, and then repeatedly subjected to surgery.

The result came out very eclectic building with an octagonal dome, antique columns and minarets decorated pottery in the Persian style. A great abundance of elements of different architectural styles and ages. however, did not spoil the overall composition.

For the first time finding themselves on the streets of the Kasbah, it may seem that the city is quite gloomy. The house is small, are close to each other, and the roofs of some of them are interconnected, thereby closing the skies above the streets.

Meanwhile, the streets are incredibly narrow — they probably would be correct to not name streets and passages between the houses, because the width of some of them — not more than a meter.

Wider streets have shops and small stores, nestled in the basements of the houses. The walls of most houses lack any decoration, and around town you would hardly find at least one Bush vegetation, not to mention the tree. Except that the portals entrance doors are lined with very colorful ceramics.

Get lost in the Kasbah easier than drink a Cup of tea. More than once the great soldiers of France who are occupying the land of Algeria in 1830. attempted export of all citizens “dangerous-looking” from the city. Endless mazes and secret entrances/exits fortresses, have always helped the local people to flee, barely hearing the clatter of an approaching army’s boots.

In the Kasbah are many hidden recesses, and intersections of corridors, hidden passages on the roofs of which are known only to the elders, keeping these secrets.

Walking down the street and looking up top, you will see the high arches of stone instead of the blue sky. In the distance you’ll see the Cote d’azur the sea, looking through the stone arches of the alleys, only costs a little to climb the stairs.

After a couple of steps — the sea is lost from sight, and you not notice how the arches of the stairs and opened the terrace of the Kasbah beckon you all of the above, involve puzzles, and you volition begin to feel a connection with the living history of these alleys.

The streets of the city walking mainly tour groups and travelers. Rare and elusive sounds will force you to listen to majestic whitish walls, which the kids loudly playing ball, women are engaged in household chores, the elderly enjoying the views, talking on the roofs of houses…

The Kasbah is very sensitive to the condition of your heart, catching Your mood, always assumes a different. He may be hot and Sizzling like an avalanche, and can be gentle and affectionate as the shore sparkling in the sun.

Here easily walking along the street, You can enjoy aromatic coffee — strong and gentle as the first kiss, a black and inviting as the Eastern night.

Girls in the Kasbah still wear traditional clothes of Algeria — “Karak”. Older women are for output only “Algerian hijab”: consisting of “Adjara” and “haika”.

Definitely you will enjoy here the commonly used form of transport. On donkeys in the Kasbah carry absolutely all the people, the food, the baggage, carrier will deliver you to any part of the city.

Kasbah made in the register of UNESCO world heritage sites. This “oldest city” symbolizes the memory of the beginning of the national idea and the liberation revolution, it was the film “the Battle of Algiers”.

This area of town, had previously been the residence of nobility and the rich, now the Kasbah refuge for the lower social strata, the poor and needy, in consequence of which formed a high crime rate in some parts of the city.

But no matter what, once in the old city of Algiers and plunged headlong into an amazing Arabic atmosphere, with a rich history, you will have unforgettable memories.

Having been here once, you will never forget the delightful world of the middle ages.

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