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Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary (formerly called “Starokupecheskaya of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary” Church) is one of ancient constructions of Nikolaev. It is located in the center of the historical part of Nikolaev (then “Policeman”) at the intersection of streets of lyagin (Christmas) and Potemkin (Merchant). In the NINETEENTH century it was the merchants ‘district, where there were warehouses and shops, and merchants’ mansions. The Church was built at the request of and with assistance of the Nikolaev merchants.

Original appearance Starokupecheskaya a single altar of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary. The EIGHTEENTH century
Rozhdestvenskaya street(now Potemkin).
Original appearance Starokupecheskaya a single altar of the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary. The end of XIX century.
Archival records from the history of the Kherson diocese suggests that “… the inhabitants of the village Nikolaev recently in 1794 suggested to build a stone three-altar Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos, Saint Nicholas of Myra and St. Zosima and Savvaty Solovetsky. With the blessing and permission of the Novorossiysk diocesan Bishop, Metropolitan Gabriel, the 15th day of September (art. style) in the same year the Church was founded, but due to their huge projected size and the meager material resources of the Nikolaev construction of new settlers did not move until 1799. In the same year on the petition of the city of the commandant, Prince Vyazemsky, M. S., mayor P. N. Turchaninova and Mykolaiv merchant class, the same Metropolitan Gabriel is allowed to build on another site is called a temporary three-altar Church having one altar of the Church of the Nativity of the virgin. To build this Church and Church yard Prince Viazemsky was allotted a big place, and on 15 October 1799 the Church was laid, and in November 1800, the building is over two floors, the first stone, the second – wooden. 25 November (8 December N. S.) the same 1,800 years the Church was consecrated with the name of Starokupecheskaya of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary. This is the name of the Church was kept by him until 1861.

In 1818 the second wooden floor of the Church for sovershennoe decay has been stripped to the stone walls of the first floor.

The building of the temple with a height of 38 meters with strong walls of hewn stone, shell, seasoned in the style of classicism. The pillars in the temple were initially plated. In 1828 the Church was built two chapels. The left – in honor of the kings of saints Constantine and Helena, and the right – in honor of Saint Mitrophan of Voronezh. The Builder was Archpriest Carp Pavlovsky. In 1828 the temple was approved as the city’s Cathedral.

In 1830 at the Cathedral operated a poorhouse. 40 years later – in 1870, the bell tower was built, for which Moscow was cast a huge bell, weighing 513 pounds 35 pounds, that is more than 8 tons.

In 1874 when the Cathedral established a parish guardianship, an honorary member in 1904, was Archpriest John Sergiev (of Kronstadt).

In 1882 the means of guardianship around the Cathedral was erected the fence, in 1888, organized a parochial school, and in 1903 this opens the Department of Odesa of the Holy brotherhood of St.

Cathedral house
Over time the Cathedral began to belong to newly built structures that filled an entire block from Christmas street to the Cathedral (now Soviet), and from Potemkin to the Great Sea. Insurance list drawn up in 1910, shows belonging to the Cathedral of the 17 structures for various purposes. Today, the entire complex of buildings, only two remained: the Cathedral and the Cathedral house.

In 1922 there was the confiscation of Church valuables. In the relief Fund for starving the community of the Cathedral passed the 172 kg of silver. In 1936 the Cathedral was closed, the clergy repressed. Before the war the building was used as a garrison house of the red Army and Navy, after the war it was the “House of officers”.

In the 30 years after the closure of the Cathedral was destroyed the main dome and the upper tiers of the bell tower, the crosses were removed. Buildings belonging to the Cathedral, were used as state apartments and for other purposes, gradually losing its original appearance. Most of the buildings destroyed, in their place appeared new buildings.

In 1992 the Cathedral was returned to the Orthodox Church, it once again began to serve liturgies and the sacraments.

It is always crowded, especially on Church holidays, when the soul itself leads faithful citizens in a Holy place, which is on lyagin St., 10. Many nikolayevets, heeding the call of the Lord, first crossed the threshold of the house of God. But if they were fortunate enough to attend the service, which is his Eminence, Metropolitan Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky Pitirim, we are confident that many will become parishioners of the Cathedral.

Today the Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary continues to recover under the guidance of the ruling Bishop, Metropolitan Pitirim. Done a huge range of construction and repair work. From the outside have gold-plated Central dome and crosses, covered the roof, repaired Windows, restored exterior façade, landscaped courtyard, restored wrought-iron fence Church Cathedral and Cathedral house is restored. Inside the Church is plastered and whitewashed, renovated wooden floors and, most importantly, installed a new iconostasis with original appearance; gradually produced the painting.

In recent years, in the Cathedral, visited many shrines: the Shrine to the right hand of SVT. Spyridon, relics of St. Vladimir equal to the apostles, and SVT. Dimitrii of Rostov, the miraculous icon of Pochaiv, our lady of St. Theodore icon of the blessed virgin icon “the Healer”, “Gaznefteservice”, St. blessed Matrona of Moscow and many other icons who have resided in Nikolaev while Ukrainian religious processions.

Vasilevsky icon of the new martyrs of the reliquary swmmc. Sergius
10 August at the Cathedral of the Primate of the UOC, his Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr, the bishops made a canonized locally venerated saints, the new martyrs of Vasilevsky – the Martyr of martyrs Sergius and Prochorus and Cyril. At the Cathedral works missionary pilgrimage, publishing departments, Sunday school for children and adults, library with a reading room. About twenty years when the Church is open to theological College and Regent class.

The temple doors are open to all. Fulfilling the call of the Savior: “Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy burdens, and I upokoy you,” the Church takes their children – and the righteous and the sinners under his omophorion.