Machu Picchu — the ancient city of the Inca Empire
Machu Picchu remains a Testament to the former power of the Inca Empire. More than 500 years ago the achievements of the Incas in construction allowed without mortar to lay…

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About Gothic churches
IMHO the Most unusual Gothic Church: in Norway, Trondheim. He's almost 1000 years. Mystical. Black. Place of palomnichestva Christians, and not only the Vikings, whose leader Olaf, who brought faith…

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Built thousands of years ago and miraculously survived to our days, built from materials of unknown origin and conceal their true function in strange forms – on the planet there are many mysterious structures that are associated with unsolved mysteries. Some of them can impress with its impressive age, other impressive size, and some truly fantastic architectural characteristics. Looking at similar structures, you can only guess what was our world thousands of years ago. How people were able to obtain unique building materials and process them in a skillful way, to build an indestructible stone walls and carving of the rocks, the monoliths are incomprehensible to us destination – on these issues, scientists continue to ponder one hundred years.
The Tablets Georgia, United States

In the North-Eastern part of Georgia is a unique landmark known to the General public under the name of “tablets of Georgia.” The impressive size of the construction is a set of six granite slabs, each of which is 6.1 meters and weighs 20 tons. On the granite slabs were memorial inscriptions in eight languages of the world, they represent a kind of manual for those who will survive the Apocalypse and rebuild civilization.

The tablets Georgia, United States Opening of unusual monument in Georgia took place in 1980, its construction was conducted by the staff of the construction organization Elberton Granite Finishing Company. The author of the unusual monument is not known, according to one version, it is a Robert Christian, who ordered the erection of a monument in private. The monument is notable for its astronomical orientation, it is oriented in such a way that allows you to track the movement of the sun. In the Central part of the monument there is a hole, through which at any time of the year you can see the North star.

Despite the fact that the age of the monument is relatively small, it never ceases to attract the attention of the public. Of most interest to visitors is a mysterious message, which shows a very fair and legitimate commandments. To read the mysterious message can be in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages and also in Hindi and Hebrew.