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Ancient Caesarea

Caesarea – the ruins today are called known city located in the territory of Israel. This city is famous for hundreds of years, numerous destructions and wars that moved to the city, are unable to destroy it completely and today there is still preserved the unique ancient buildings.

The first mention of this town are found in sources dated to the 3rd century BC During this period, the city managed to visit a Jewish settlement, which had been captured by the Romans, then became the capital of Palestine. In addition, there were numerous seizures of the city by Muslim Arabs, crusaders and Mamelukes.

Today, the site of the town to the national Park reserve, which is still actively ongoing archaeological excavations. Also kept a unique architecture, attracting tourists especially those who want to see buildings of different eras, collected in one place. Preserved here such as bath, theatre, port, “Palace on the reef”, site of statues and temples, the Hippodrome, aqueduct, synagogue, etc.

The theater is the oldest theater structure among discovered in Israel. He worked for many hundreds of years. This ancient structure has two tiers with a capacity of about 4,000 people. The most unique about him is that situated beautifully decorated wall, which rests on columns, and has a height of about three floors, it served as a background for the scene.

In addition, there are preserved fortifications of the Roman and Byzantine periods and the middle ages (Arab period), presented in the form of protective walls, an impressive size for those times.

Two amphitheater located on the territory of the city were built at different times, and was intended for gladiatorial events, merrymaking animals, and various public entertainments.

Another important building is the aqueduct, which was divided into upper and lower. The lower aqueduct was fed water from an artificially created body of water, and the water was drawn from more distant territories.

“Palace on the reef” is the ruins of a delightful Palace, on the territory of which there was a pool, a building to relate to the Byzantine and Roman periods. The researchers argue that the pool here is used as the city fish market.

Caesarea is a unique place, which collected and saved to our days a huge number of buildings, different periods and eras. This place is definitely worth a visit for those tourists who love history, culture and architecture of various peoples and times. Before traveling to this amazing city check out the map of attractions, which you can buy at the airports of Israel, in any resort town or, like all progressive of Moscow. Israeli counterparts also offer their customers a travel guide with a variety of interesting routes.