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Do you have to be lucky to get a girl?

Unknown 1 year ago Did he die soon after I mean damn ain't there vital organs there. Unknown 2 years ago I'd like the girl instead of her dad. Also follow us on Facebook , and participate in the Cracked drinking game. Body Candy The Internet tells me that this is called "Punisher," although exactly who it is meant to punish is unclear.

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The guy was happy so who are we to complain? Ethical a pity we didn't be aware her getting her arse screwed. Send Your contacts are called for to solve the issue quickly! Thank you for reporting that issue, our administrators will certificate it as soon as snap.

You have already reported that video. Your comment has d�mod� sent for review. Unexpected iniquity occurred, please contact support. Unrevealed 1 year ago Did he die soon after I on no account damn ain't there vital organs there.

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Irene Fiore: Will a Russian women date an Indian Guy

Baba Boubou: Siga la vaca''

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Yejin Jeong: I'm so jealous! He's so sexyyyyyy!

Asad Ali: Look at that big fucking nose. She could go fox hunting on her own.

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Shem Lopez: I would try dating a danish woman, except ONE BIG PROBLEM: Danish language is hard as balls to learn :S.

NHera Albaric: I cant believe the guy from Estonia thought it was Portuguese times. Portuguese is not Brazilian and has nothing to do with Spanish. Thats like saying Dutch sounds like German. NO, just no

Anna Cooper: The guy look so handsome!

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  1. Instead of saying that fems are just paranoid and just talking out of their asses, we just need to look at ourselves for a min.

  2. So you're not talking about the instances where people get pushing, disrespecting boundaries, using emotional manipulation, and blackmail until victim finally stopped trying to resist?

  3. I am a feminist because females kill themselves because of this gender inequality problem.

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