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I just flew into San Francisco two hours earlier. We go to a party for people from the university. Bosco grabs two beers from the fridge and hands me one. The house is filled with poets and short story writers. Jackets are piled on the bed in the bedroom and people are laying on them or on the floor telling stories about losing their virginity.

Everybody has an MFA so every story has a small inappropriate observation. It was the day after my best friend committed suicide. I left home before I was his age.

These are good kids, except that they are stoners and two years older than him. Our grandfather played cards every day of his adult life. A March 31, My father and I never really mended our relationship. When the big red van pulls up we put his bag in the back. I watch my hands as I type.

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BWL Asaad: Lol, the encounter in the elevator early on was a warning sign he's a jerk. Not saying Russian guys are this way, I know this is comedy, but yeah.that's a turn off.

Ujjwal Kumar: Best channel! love it! wish i could join the team haha

Pietervdv: Look, I'm French and i couldn't even guess French.

CockRobin: All of these suck compared to this one:

Teja Lyon: Older ladies u look.great were.not on earth to please men

COMMON SENSE: My mother also taught me how to be absolutely very faithful.

Kjaja07: So many people are Butthurt from this video

Mamamoo Trash: Thanks for responding to my question. I appreciate it.

Mijjijo P: Scottish sounds like Indian English

Kyra Perez: This video is just for humor.

Emma Sagartz: Donde estas mexicano

Beerborn: Hii. like your dating videos.

Jessica King: I definitely need to find an Irish woman. Aside from the fake tan, they seem amazing!

Sol Pennisi: I'm not from Toronto by I definitely act like I am! None the less, I would still date that guy, he's really charming. ;)

But but, its a remarkably jocularity slit scheme and deeply rewarding.

I had a freakout – Can this still be salvaged?

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But but, its a remarkably jocularity slit scheme and deeply rewarding.

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Aventureirx: This was not your best episode of dating beyond borders. You didn't get to the point fast enough like in the other episodes

Joe Chalk: That was hilarious. Poor dude.

LauraMia Hope: This Polish lady doesn't even speak proper Polish and she lisp

Foda Se: Oh my god, the Taiwanese guy is so adorable! I adore the diversity in the videos, (including the one with women reacting and I love this! :)

Chaos Tade: Bullshit. just stupid guys are like this in Brazil, I would never date this kind of men.

AV Blade: Has a non traditional tattoo on inner arm and left shoulder blade

SupaXxXfli: The french was horrible

Jose Marques: Fuck the pictures of the girls. that one chick from iraq is dayum hot!

Diego Diniz: Rammsteinian Is cool

Claudia Maass: Im from Portugal and whenever I go to other countries and I say Im portuguese people say: ooohhh, Cristiano Ronaldo! XD

Gomunoki: I think women are almost the same anywhere. Almost

Barrerak 16: Too funny!Sooo accurate Toronto women are lame

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  1. Becaus sometimes i just can't place the stuff you say about boys and elliot just doesn't know shit about girls.

  2. probably nothing. it's just a marketing scheme. same with men and women's deodorant, there's actually no difference between those either.

  3. Equally so, it is so irresponsible for a man to abandon that woman and his child.

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