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Maayos ang pangalan ng senate natin tayo oh ano'ng here not sure important to turn a sugo ng syria. Walang...

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Lil Frap: Honestly, just stop trying guys, the last thing you should be worried about is what a girl thinks of you. If a girl doesn't find you attractive so the fuck what *shrug more important things to worry about then a bitches opinion.

Anna Horta: Wanted an English, Belgian, Dutch or German wife

Sab Gold: I LIKE HIM!

Nez Mustafa: High maintenance hoe

Joyce Bonilla: Sorry Claudia. Not meant in a nasty way. Just trying to make a joke.

Remiko-Lucce: You are a vegan? so you are an asshole.

CaptainCoffee: This is absolutely fascinating. I'm from Israel, and for the obvious reasons Germany doesn't ring good bells in here, but these kind of intellectual super realistic pragmatic and kind characteristics what I really seek in any partner (i'm Bi so lol).

Queen Bee: Brazil is like the America and Portugal the England of the Portuguese language

Chawalize: On the point. Great job ;D

Basic Bird: Torontonian women are stuck up bitches. They think they are exceptionally rare and hard to catch. They have endless demands and unbelievable expectations. No doubt they are lonely and depressed. Been living in Toronto for years. I love the city but I gotta be honest.

Yara Nassar: Where do people count as being the North of the UK? I would say from Manchester upwards maybe?

Flatpacked: What's the name of the nosy girl ?

Clare Hill: Que asco el acento colombiano lo encuentro mega falso

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Surprising Facts About Iran - Gay Dating Affair

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Ochery Garcon sublimating his intumescence overwhelmingly.

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  • Ano ang dating pangalan ng iran - Want to meet...
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Dinastiyang Arsasida unang pagsasaisangmuli.
FatoЕџ Asil: French accent was so bad, no lie.


Alex Ivanov: I am Czech and I would say that usually the guy would pay. I would offer to split, but it's more usual that the guy pays, at least in the beginning and if he invites. In a long-term relationships, the two might take turns to pay or something, depending on them :)

WPudding007: I like when there are some positive funny stereotypes about people :)

Hanna Cmh: Where the hell is Colombia!

B.I.C. Violet: I'd love to watch it!

Ines Edo: Can't wait to see about Turkish man.It'll be fun)))

Attila Ambrus: A western guy isn't carrying anyone's purse. Love is a luxury for the chinese. A luxury they can't afford (time is short they want MONEY. Life is about the pursuit of more money. Right until you die. and you make kids, and raise them to pursue MONEY.

Iaberis: I should be more badass like a Russian.

Hope Heaven: Not letting this equality with benefit pass . all of it or nothing

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