Underwear Lads Tumblr - Fuck! White boy has got ass fo’ dayyyyyzzz!!! And he knows it too!

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Underwear Lads Tumblr

View your post below. A mostly dry and fresh pair of undies to protect your reputation? This boy knows how to enjoy life. Or that he took a leak in the toilet as well as inside of his boxer briefs? I'm sure they gladly pay for an assortment of men to cradle their balls.

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Ladies I need your ...is this the right approach?

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DirtTdude: I think Japan has the perfect man for me lol.

Etbadaboum: Dating a russian is clearly the better option.

Quentin Savoy: Make the Mexican man version.

Anas Mohamed: When you're russian and you:

Shadowhood100: The only two accurate things are the double meaning and the spicy stuff. The rest. well that's the kind of Mexican that almost no Mexican girl would date for sure.

Suzana Perkaj: Forever obsessed with Akash's accent even though I'm English myself

Methesponge: Man these women are fickle as hell

Little Weaboo: The problem is that fat women have appropriated curvy and thick. Furthermore, it's clear these pictures are a bit biased. When guys think of skinny chicks, they mean slim, not some anorexic skeletor. These curvy chicks in the pics would look hideous naked. But photoshop, makeup, pushup bras, and angles with clothes hiding their midsection fat makes them seem several points hotter than what they actually are

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12 thoughts on “Cincinnati hookup Underwear Lads Tumblr

  1. I mean, I know one guy who had to be circumcised otherwise he couldn't ejaculate. There are medical reasons too!

  2. Dating a lady who thinks for herself and see the other point of view is every guy's dream

  3. PS It's awesome that Jermaine Stewart's We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off is a suggested video at the end of this!

  4. can the penis go back in after ejaculating? what if the penis won't stay up trying to put the condum on?

  5. This video is basically the abridged version of the documentary Buying Sex, which I highly recommend.

  6. So glad you made it through your depression, Lacie. Don't know where I'd be without your videos :)

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