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Andreas_OTSS: I do IT for a living but I do some Handy man on the side #YES #WIN

Smati M: Actually she is just a psychopath

Shane Ryan: How come I didn't see any korean guys in this video? Like Zelo or G-Dragon, they are cute! :P

Yashamaruism: I think theres a big difference in distinguishing different languages geographically as oppose to distinguishing various accents of english. it can be super hard for non-native english speakers.

Jetson Forcer: Wow, what a charmer (not), lol. Dating Beyond Borders, you are slowly but surely turning me of European guys! :P

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Magda 6: Uff Ilya is gorgeous Hello from Poland !

OgamiItto70: Women are a waste of time and patience

Bill McHale: Colombian easiest for me to understand

Jay A M: Ridic. they're all stunning

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Ash Farai: Did you ask esp the danes who've skipped their english classes on purpose?

Mary Ok: Uhmmm thats the type of girl saying no but meaning yes? Just to make the guy insist? Too ridiculous for me. My no means no, my yes means yes and thanks to other girls like this, men are not sure what we girls really mean. I had to explain that to lots of guys.

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Pretty Hetero Dude Jerking His Penis As A Freak

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