In Sochi will build a dolmen
Scientists from Sochi and Adygeya will conduct the experiment to create the dolmen. The analogue of the ancient structure they're going to create on the mountain Bytkha, in Khostinsky district…

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Ancient underground structures
The report is written only on the basis of requests and a deep respect for my old colleagues J. p. Baclawski (C. R.) and R. Biliki (Germany), the latter of…

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The Architecture Of The East

Eastern architecture, architecture vostoklada of Asia is a mountainous region with plenty of wood and stone. A wooden column, standing on a stone plinth here becomes the main architectural element.

In the upper part of the fortified cities (fortifications had separate quarters) there was the Palace, which led to stairs and ramps. The thick walls of the city had a double gate. Buildings, as a rule, were not symmetrical, but is based on a rectangular layout scheme.

Many of the architects of the Hittite Empire reflected the influence of the Cretan-Mycenaean culture and, in turn, influenced her. The prototype of the Lion gate of Mycenae can be found in the ruins of the Hittite capital Hattushash; on the territory of the Hittites formed a hall of Megaron type – the main topic of the development of Greek temple architecture. Continue reading

Famous Gothic buildings

The flourishing of medieval art in the form in which it knows and most of us, is associated with the Gothic. Ruled the minds of his contemporaries on two, and in some countries and three centuries, the Gothic style has left a mark, not comparable with the legacy of the Roman era.

As the Romanesque style. the Gothic style was closely connected with the Church, and it is the city’s main Cathedral – high, filled with allegorical and symbolic images and richly decorated is the benchmark of early Gothic architecture. The stockiness and massiveness of Romanesque buildings is replaced in the Gothic style of visual lightness and the upward aspiration (it is no coincidence that one of the periods in the development of this style is called “flamboyant Gothic”), the inaccessible heavens. This is also underlined by a pointed, ogival form of the arches, doors and Windows. Monochromatic colors of Romanesque era explodes in Gothic buildings the bright colors of the huge stained glass Windows, and a little primitive and sandwiched poses Romanesque sculptures give way to a realistic and addressing the viewer Gothic sculptures. Continue reading

Mysterious places on Earth

The ARIZONA CRATER (the Crater of Barringer, the Canyon of the devil) is one of the largest and best preserved meteor crater, near canyon Diablo in Northern Arizona (USA). Modern dimensions of the crater: with a diameter of 1265 m, depth 175 m, elevation of the shaft — 40-48 m it is Assumed that the crater appeared as a result of falling to Earth at about 27 thousand years ago dvuhmillimetrovy Nickel meteorite about the size of 61–79 m. apparently, it is the body of the meteorite was discovered in the area under the ground using a drilling rig, but attempts at commercial production of Nickel from the ground failed. The location of the crater a long time was known to the local Indians, who used it for their own purposes metal fragments of a meteorite. Local tribes resulted in a huge number of legends associated with this sacred place. Scientists about the existence of the crater became known only since 1891. This is not the largest meteorite that fell to Earth. In the Antarctic, on the island of Wilkes in 1962 discovered a meteor crater 241 km and a depth of 800 m In Canada on the coast of Hudson Bay has a crater with a diameter of 443 km. From 1950-ies to the present by many tourists and local residents have reported their observations over the Arizona crater: the glow of Vozduha hangs UFO. According to some, in the centre of the crater sometimes allegedly observed gravimetric and chronal anomalies. The crater is often used as the scenery for the filming of a science fiction movie about traveling earthlings to other planets, the arrival of a huge UFO in “its closed from prying eyes secret Harbor”. Continue reading

In Kiev opened the third largest in the world the Mormon temple
The Church is located at the District at the entrance to the Zhulyanskyi bridge. Judging by its scale, the Church explicitly seeks to increase the number of believers, but the…


Paris police found a mysterious building
Paris police have discovered unmarked in the plans of the cave under the city center an entertainment complex consisting of a cinema and restaurant. As reported on the website of…

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