Unique temples of the world
Churches all over the world have a remarkable architectural variety. The architecture of temples has a very rich and controversial history, which, however, shows that with the construction of temples…

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The winter Palace
The winter Palace was built for Empress Elisabeth on the project of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1754-1762 years and until 1917 it remained the main Imperial residence. This fourth stone…

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10 of the most interesting temples of India

India is a deeply religious country. The majority of the population followers of Hinduism about 80% of the population, still live here 13% Muslims and the rest practice Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity and so on. The Constitution allows for any religion, it is through this tolerance, which I must say is already a thousand years old, we have a chance to see the ancient temples of India, and entirely new architectural masterpieces. Every year millions of tourists come to this mysterious country in search of spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, inexhaustible want to gain health or to ask the ancient gods of wish fulfillment. Whatever the purpose of your trip, don’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the religious diversity of India.

Cave temples of Ellora

The largest complex of cave temples of India located in the village of Ellora about 30 km West of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In total, there are 34 allure of the temple and monastery: twelve are Buddhist, five are Jain and the rest Hindu. Continue reading

The Architecture Of The East

Eastern architecture, architecture vostoklada of Asia is a mountainous region with plenty of wood and stone. A wooden column, standing on a stone plinth here becomes the main architectural element.

In the upper part of the fortified cities (fortifications had separate quarters) there was the Palace, which led to stairs and ramps. The thick walls of the city had a double gate. Buildings, as a rule, were not symmetrical, but is based on a rectangular layout scheme.

Many of the architects of the Hittite Empire reflected the influence of the Cretan-Mycenaean culture and, in turn, influenced her. The prototype of the Lion gate of Mycenae can be found in the ruins of the Hittite capital Hattushash; on the territory of the Hittites formed a hall of Megaron type – the main topic of the development of Greek temple architecture. Continue reading

The Architecture Of Ancient Greece

The concept of “ancient art” first appeared in the XV century in Italy, when in combat with thousands of years of Church tradition of the middle ages argued new, is permeated with faith in the beauty and value of human culture of the Renaissance.

Its creators turned to the wonderful creations of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. This great civilization of the ancient world they called the ancient (from the Latin word “antiquus” – “ancient”). Subsequently, the term “antique art” firmly entrenched in European culture.

Masterpieces, created by talented masters of the ancient world, for several centuries inspired poets, composers, playwrights and artists all over Europe, and today continues to give us artistic pleasure and to serve as a norm and unattainable model. Continue reading