The most mysterious places on the planet: the market of Sonora
During my life I have been in so many places, but, as any practicing magician, not an ordinary tourist routes. I will say even more: tourists, on the contrary, by…

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Pyramids of Egypt — a unique creation of mankind
From Cairo to Fayum oasis among the hot Sands has a plume of mysterious buildings created by human hands. The pyramids of Egypt are one of the biggest mysteries of…

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Churches of Ukraine

At all times since the XII century lived among Christians the rule: at least once in life to visit the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. And before that a great campaign of fasting and were definitely on foot, even from the farthest corners of the country! Being in Lavra, prayed fervently before the miraculous icons, received absolution, were cured of serious ailments, asked about the health and welfare of relatives. Such spiritual and personal achievement. …In the eleventh century, the priest Illarion withdrew from people and spent several years in the cave. Then he was elected Metropolitan, but at this sacred place came the monks Antoniy and Feodosiya. There were also other caves grew. When they became crowded, the monks built the first Church – assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. More and more monks came here: Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich gave to the monks the hills above the Dnieper and later there grew up a large monastic complex.

The temples were created by Byzantine architects and painters. It is known that the paintings worked the monk Alypii – he is considered the founder of the old Russian icon-painting art. Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra survived and looting, and fires, and lows. But whatever happens, there is always the monasteries revived! And now you can see a building of the XII century – a remarkable Church of the Holy Trinity of Brahma (her name is “Brahma”). Here and now houses many unique relics of Christianity: the miracle-working icon of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, relics of saints, the relics of St. Prince Vladimir, the cross of St. Sergius of Radonezh and much more. Continue reading

Modular construction: innovation or well forgotten old?

Today foreign professional media are literally full of information on a broad introduction into the practice of modular construction technology.

Even at the recent Moscow forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures” speaker from the UK told me about this method the participants of the conference Block Read.

Why is this technology so popular abroad today?

The modules in our

Here is what is the definition of modular buildings in Russian Wikipedia.

“Modular buildings — buildings made of prefabricated modules, assembled from one or more of the blocks — modules (mainly from block-containers). Modular buildings are temporary buildings can be installed without foundations (mainly three floors), can easily be dismantled and transported to another place. Are made in different designs for various climatic conditions and meet all fire and health requirements, have a system of heating and ventilation, plumbing and electrical equipment. Continue reading


Frombork (Frombork) is a small city in Northern Poland, in the North-Western part of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship, the County Braniewo located on the Vistula lagoon. The city consists of two parts — the town itself, located on the coastal lowlands, and the Cathedral ensemble, located on a hill. The Cathedral is surrounded by walls. The town originated as a fishing village, approximately in the fourth quarter of the XIII century. Until 1926 the Cathedral complex and the city were separate administrative units. Since its inception, the town was part of Prussia, the German state of the Crusader knights of the Teutonic order. In German, the town was called Frauenburg (it. Frauenburg) . Later, at the end of the XV century, after the signing of the second peace of thorn, the city went to Poland and got its current name. In the mid-fourteenth century settled here a Chapter of the Catholic Church that promoted development of various crafts – for serving the needs of the next settled clergy tailors, shoemakers, Smiths, bakers, jewelers, etc.

From the hill spreads a beautiful view of the Bay and the Vistula spit. The city is the center of water sports – sailing and ice-yacht. The town also attracts tourists to the international Festival of organ music. It is held every Sunday from late June to August. Now the population of the town is about three thousand people. And there are days when it is a third of uvelichivaetsya tourists. This is especially noticeable in the summer season from 15 may to 15 September, when between Kaliningrad, Krynica Frombork and open Sea shipping line. Continue reading

Some of the most mysterious places of Russia
Rich Russian land, as it turned out, not only talents and minerals, but also anomalous zones, wonderful things are sometimes to be explained from the scientific point of view, but…


Beloselsky–Belozersky Palace.St. Petersburg
Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace became the last private Palace built in Nevsky prospect. The owners of the Palace belonged to the oldest Russian princely family, since the sixteenth century, representatives of this…

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