The Architecture Of The East
Eastern architecture, architecture vostoklada of Asia is a mountainous region with plenty of wood and stone. A wooden column, standing on a stone plinth here becomes the main architectural element.…

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The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague
The St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague — six centuries of work were not in vain, Leaving spires of Prague, in the sky, grandiose and mystically beautiful, mysterious and geometrically perfect,…

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The winter Palace

The winter Palace was built for Empress Elisabeth on the project of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1754-1762 years and until 1917 it remained the main Imperial residence. This fourth stone the Winter Palace.

In the first third of the eighteenth century Peter the great on the Palace embankment, in the place where today is the Hermitage theatre was built the Winter Palace. He did not survive, but in the end of XX century during the reconstruction of the Hermitage theatre was reconstructed some interiors of the Winter Palace of Peter I is a Museum.

During the reign of the Empress Anna Ioannovna there was a need of construction of a new Imperial winter residence. The site was chosen on the Palace embankment, so that the main facade of the Palace faces the Admiralty. The construction of the second of the Winter Palace by the project of F. B. Rastrelli was completed in 1735. Continue reading

Pyramids of Egypt — a unique creation of mankind

From Cairo to Fayum oasis among the hot Sands has a plume of mysterious buildings created by human hands. The pyramids of Egypt are one of the biggest mysteries of mankind. This is a huge structure of stone in the shape of pyramids were built as tombs for the rulers of ancient Egypt. The principle of their construction is identical — inside a mastaba (“home after life”) has an underground chamber for burial, outside surrounded by high stone buildings.

In total in Egypt is more than a hundred large and small pyramids. Some of them have a stepped configuration, some perfectly smooth. They are located on the banks of the Nile, near Cairo, which in ancient times was called the Memphis. The most famous pyramids of Egypt are situated on the edge of the desert plateau of Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo.

Pyramids of ancient Egypt:

The largest pyramid of Egypt . sometimes called the Great pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), the second Pharaoh of the fourth dynasty. Pharaoh Cheops lived about 2551 — 2528 years BC, so this is one of the oldest structures that have survived to our times. Historians claim that in ancient times the pyramid of Cheops reached up to 146 m, Sachse the upper part is destroyed and the current height is 137 m. Continue reading

The Architecture Of Ancient Greece

The concept of “ancient art” first appeared in the XV century in Italy, when in combat with thousands of years of Church tradition of the middle ages argued new, is permeated with faith in the beauty and value of human culture of the Renaissance.

Its creators turned to the wonderful creations of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. This great civilization of the ancient world they called the ancient (from the Latin word “antiquus” – “ancient”). Subsequently, the term “antique art” firmly entrenched in European culture.

Masterpieces, created by talented masters of the ancient world, for several centuries inspired poets, composers, playwrights and artists all over Europe, and today continues to give us artistic pleasure and to serve as a norm and unattainable model. Continue reading

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