100 great mysteries of the Ancient world
The Pacific coast of Peru has long attracted the attention of archaeologists around the world. Here were found the hearth of ancient civilizations, from which we separated the Millennium. In…

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Megalithic masonry
Allocate different groups of megaliths and the megalith can formally be considered as a rough-hewn dolmen in Europe. and higher processing blocks on the ruins of Puma Punku. For ease…

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Holy Trinity Church in Kiev

Initially, Holy Trinity parish Church stood on the site of the little Park between houses 49 and 51 in Krasnoarmeyskaya street (independence square).

The Church of the Holy Trinity was placed in the area of New Building on the initiative of Metropolitan Filaret (Amfiteatrov) about the ordering of the parishes of old Kiev. It replaced the Trinity Church in the Upper town, intended for demolition according to the project of the new organization of the space between the Hagia Sophia and the St. Michael monastery. Project wooden on a brick Foundation of the temple was made in 1852 diocesan architect Paul Sparro, but in the capital’s Main Department of communications and public works has made adjustments in view of the facades. The construction of the Church started in 1856, the Church was consecrated on 12 October 1859 On the stories of Nikolay Leskov, her priest at that time was one of Kyiv “Antiques” He Euthymius, who, according to rumor, was buried in a makeshift crypt under the Church of his beloved wife. Continue reading

The Gothic quarter

The historic part of Barcelona called the Gothic, is considered the pearl of the Catalan metropolis. Stone buildings, palaces and mansions, churches, apartment houses, narrow streets and squares of the quarter kept secrets of the middle ages.

Part of the city where well-preserved architectural masterpieces is dominated by buildings in the Gothic style, after restoration in the early twentieth century was called the Gothic quarter. The architecture of other styles: Baroque, Romanesque, Renaissance, and the remains of the Roman period can be organically intertwined with the Gothic.

Begins this quarter from Plaza Catalunya, located between the Rambla and Avenida de Laetana. Here preserved medieval layout: the curves of narrow streets as streams tend to the rectangular space. Most of the buildings of the historic quarter dates back to the XIV-XV.

The Central attraction of the Gothic quarter – Cathedral. Here starts the tourist route through narrow historic streets, where every building is an architectural masterpiece. The Cathedral is a functioning Church Institute available for visiting tourists. There are many historical relics in Barcelona. Continue reading

Famous Gothic buildings

The flourishing of medieval art in the form in which it knows and most of us, is associated with the Gothic. Ruled the minds of his contemporaries on two, and in some countries and three centuries, the Gothic style has left a mark, not comparable with the legacy of the Roman era.

As the Romanesque style. the Gothic style was closely connected with the Church, and it is the city’s main Cathedral – high, filled with allegorical and symbolic images and richly decorated is the benchmark of early Gothic architecture. The stockiness and massiveness of Romanesque buildings is replaced in the Gothic style of visual lightness and the upward aspiration (it is no coincidence that one of the periods in the development of this style is called “flamboyant Gothic”), the inaccessible heavens. This is also underlined by a pointed, ogival form of the arches, doors and Windows. Monochromatic colors of Romanesque era explodes in Gothic buildings the bright colors of the huge stained glass Windows, and a little primitive and sandwiched poses Romanesque sculptures give way to a realistic and addressing the viewer Gothic sculptures. Continue reading

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