Beloselsky–Belozersky Palace.St. Petersburg
Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace became the last private Palace built in Nevsky prospect. The owners of the Palace belonged to the oldest Russian princely family, since the sixteenth century, representatives of this…

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In Kiev opened the third largest in the world the Mormon temple
The Church is located at the District at the entrance to the Zhulyanskyi bridge. Judging by its scale, the Church explicitly seeks to increase the number of believers, but the…

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Ancient underground structures

The report is written only on the basis of requests and a deep respect for my old colleagues J. p. Baclawski (C. R.) and R. Biliki (Germany), the latter of which was also my boss under the line of ITT in the second half of 90-ies.

6. Underground structures for special purposes

This term means tens of kinds and types of underground facilities, separate facilities are not quite traditional. The region is infinitely large. This report will mention only a few.

6.1. Underground structures for the purposes of science

Need of scientific support for the development of nuclear industry, energy and weapons resulted in the need for immediate construction in the Moscow region, Siberia and other places of several large research complexes. /5/.

For example, in the early 50-ies was built on the North of Moscow region Dubna. In it for the Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences was built sinhrofazatron energy 10 GeV, the cyclotron of highly charged ions of 120 MeV. most complex research installations . Continue reading