Svirzh Castle
Svirzh of Zamakshari to see in the archival documents of 1530, when it belonged to the noble family of SvirZ. But the modern form it has acquired from the mid-seventeenth…

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Next to Stonehenge was found by the Swedish construction of the stone age
Today as five thousand years ago southern Scandinavia had a humid climate and was characterized by frequent precipitation. The coast was covered with dense deciduous and mixed forests, which, like…

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Gothic France

The Gothic style originated in France in the mid-twelfth century. The most significant works of the Gothic style in France are the cathedrals of Chartres, Amiens and Reims, but in General in France there was a huge amount of Gothic monuments, from chapels to large cathedrals. In the fifteenth century came the period of so-called “flamboyant Gothic”, from which we were reached only a few samples, such as one of the portals of Rouen Cathedral or the tower of Saint-Jacques in Paris.

Chartres Cathedral
Chartres Cathedral or the Cathedral of our lady of Chartres is the most famous monument of the city of Chartres, 90 km southwest of Paris. The Cathedral is considered one of the finest Gothic buildings.

On the site of modern Chartres Cathedral has long stood the Church. With 876 years in Chartres is kept the Holy shroud of the virgin Mary.

Instead of the first Cathedral burnt down in 1020, was built the Romanesque Cathedral with a huge crypt. He survived the fire years 1134, which destroyed almost the entire city, but was badly damaged during the fire of June 10, 1194. From this fire began from a lightning strike, survived only the tower of the Western facade and crypt. Miraculous salvation from the fire of the Holy shroud was considered to be divinely inspired and gave rise to the construction of a new, even more grandiose building. Continue reading

Machu Picchu — the ancient city of the Inca Empire

Machu Picchu remains a Testament to the former power of the Inca Empire. More than 500 years ago the achievements of the Incas in construction allowed without mortar to lay stone blocks so closely to each other that in the gap it is impossible to insert a knife.

The walls of the city of Machu Picchu

Remains of Machu Picchu (also known as the “city among the clouds”) are located high on a ridge height of 2450 meters, surrounded on three sides by the turbulent Urubamba river. It is still unknown what purpose were all these palaces, squares, temples and houses. Perhaps it was a military fortress, a temple complex or a mountain refuge for the rulers. This location is ideal for any purpose. Continue reading

Ancient Caesarea

Caesarea – the ruins today are called known city located in the territory of Israel. This city is famous for hundreds of years, numerous destructions and wars that moved to the city, are unable to destroy it completely and today there is still preserved the unique ancient buildings.

The first mention of this town are found in sources dated to the 3rd century BC During this period, the city managed to visit a Jewish settlement, which had been captured by the Romans, then became the capital of Palestine. In addition, there were numerous seizures of the city by Muslim Arabs, crusaders and Mamelukes.

Today, the site of the town to the national Park reserve, which is still actively ongoing archaeological excavations. Also kept a unique architecture, attracting tourists especially those who want to see buildings of different eras, collected in one place. Preserved here such as bath, theatre, port, “Palace on the reef”, site of statues and temples, the Hippodrome, aqueduct, synagogue, etc. Continue reading