Hanging Out Around The House - Why Are There Now Lots Of Cats Hanging Around ?

I want to be that mom and I want that to be my house. But sometimes replacing the hypothetical scenario with the real life one can feel tricky....

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Hanging Out Around The House CookingJames1: The German one was was just hilarious as a German

Brka Brkica: We should stop shaming women who aren't able to marry before 30. Just because they are women, they have a ticking biological clock society should not expect them to get settled because of it. They need to be educated, travel the world and fully sexually liberated before even thinking about getting settled. Society should not interfere with their choice.


Action D Wst: Eastern Girls are so pretty

Skeleton: They always say ,blyat or ,cyka everyday.


Megan Kemp: That is not Yorkshire from the woman!

Destiny Sama: The russian was kind of wooden. could say something more romantic.

Seefo Dz: Who's that guy from Sintra? I'm in love!

Burak Г–RS: Ridicoulas. And all these girls are ugly. You can have the sexiest accent in the world but if you're not attractive , fuck off.

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Ninon Duval: You know you're dating an IRISH man when his pin stripe suit says FUCK YOU

Azareth LeГіn: Your title emplies that you were going to dond some sort of universal themes that women like. Fail.

Dane Logan: As an English man I can confirm almost everything mentioned is true.

Sgt Steel: How about dating an armenian women or dating a Lebanese women

Colette Mcvey: Fucking germans don't like paying, i was the one spoiling the guy, thats not a manly thing

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  1. Wow, so you guys still get your period? I'd say so sorry bro but that would contradict the whole point of the video.

  2. so im apparently a slut because i hang out with two guys that are BROTHERS thank you mom

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