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NB GOODISCORE: When he asks if the pokemon one is from asia she should have said yes.

Ceudelisboa: The Jordanian girl is sooo pretty

Smalec77: Only British men speak sexy. Idk if guys find female speaking another language sexy. Probably they only like a sexual Spanish speaking Latina, but this video had nothing sexy. The guy who speaks in the channel top 5s beats all these girls.

Victoria Lynn: In my country (BRAZIL the girl is expected to offer to split the bill, just to be polite, but if this is a date it is expected that the guy takes care of it all. Chivalry.


Karinzio: How about you know you are dating a Serbian guy when? That should be funny

Gabby C.: If I was a guy i would never want to date a girl that would not insist on splitting the bill

Fatih Ersen: The Russian accent always stays winning

Erin King: Hope i find one id on kik 4che

Qualcuna: If you actually gave a real polish girl with an accurate polish accent each and every guy there would have busted a nut during the first word so as a Pole I officially consider this competition invalid.

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Lodbrok: Danes are very incompetent human beings regarding human feelings. Alcohol is their way to work with their feelings, especially when it comes to love/sex/night life.

Amando V: How does she not like arepas?

Spleandor: I'm Brazilian and didn't recognize she was speaking Portuguese, till she said it.dude.

Haa See: Pleas do dating polish man\woman

Jheannie: A girl with a Scottish accent sounds so sexy

Cem OДџraЕџ: This video is awful. The title isn't related to the video for a start, there's nothing sexist at all. The French is terrible, I live in France and am fluent yet I didn't understand any of it, I can't give an opinion on the others because I don't speak them. however in Mexico I'm sure the language is SPANISH!

Paul Robinson: U dont need to make Georgian woman this Greek woman presentation is about stereotyped Georgian woman as well.



Bianca Stoian: A Jesus he is gorgeous, B I love how you didn't translate when he would say cazzo. Lol. C One word.Florence!

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