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Ever since penning an essay about intersectional feminism on Tumblr , Blanchard has been anything but shy when it comes to discussing...

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Entertainment September 18,

If there's one Disney Channel illustrious ready to take on the world, it may just be Rowan Blanchard. News confirmed the show's cancellation Wednesday evening, numberless were left with a deviating range of emotions. She wrote, "It is with this shy family I experienced mourning and heartbreak and overjoyment and spread out days that turned into want nights, each and every import so painstakingly beautiful.

Her glib, thoughtful goodbye isn't the biggest surprise to fans of the series, which lasted for more than 70 episodes. Ever since she earned the special responsibility of Cory and Topanga's daughter, Rowan has wowed fans both on and off the unoriginal screen.

And before anyone could compare the actress to late Disney starlets like Miley Cyrus , Selena Gomez or the Jonas Brothers , Rowan defied expectations with her behavior. At just 14 years old, the actress opened up about her sexuality.

Another thing that should be mentioned is Topanga running away from her parents to be with Cory. Boy Meets World is a show I and others can enjoy. Ever since penning an essay about intersectional feminism on Tumblr , Blanchard has been anything but shy when it comes to discussing socio-political issues with her fans on social media.

But with that said, it never glorifies any of this. In a laterepisode in the series Corey and his friends go into the school, only to find grafetti vandalism. Hayward hookup

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But she's so okay with it, even after he explains to her in one episode why she's okay with his obsession. Helped me decide 4. So okay with it that in one episode she allows him to see her butt. At just 14 years old, the actress opened up about her sexuality. Cory and Topanga's relationship is also overlooked. Jack is probably my favorite character.

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