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Gary Clark wasn't your average 12 year old boy. Being an only child, and both parents constantly working, Gary had to find ways...

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The story being told comes not from me, the journalist, but from the heart of the young man I have been asked to write that for. Numerous subscription and telephone conversations took place in order to stick these words in the accuracy in which this fable is to be described. The valid author is not me! His celebrity is Caleb Daniels, a fourteen year old young humanity who reached off and touched my heart with his revealing story.

Expectedly, for you the reader, just parallel me, you wishes find young Caleb to be the truth behind better of our fantasies. I have written numerous stories, but this one stands out as to the reality of one hell of a harsh and cruel world!

Caleb Daniels, at eight years old, sat in the construct seat of a police cruiser as his young eyes watered profusely as he watched the police escort his mother and his step father, in handcuffs, from their rented worn off mobile home. His younger sister of only six was seated in another police cruiser somewhere out of Caleb's sight.

Lustful Gays Ass Smashing

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Go on, get the fuck out of here! Caleb felt each extremely thick inch of Jim's cock as it took its graceful time in stretching his anal walls with each inward shove. His goatee was neatly trimmed and the man looked to be in his late thirties or early forties. Caleb grunted loudly as the heat from the man's mouth encircled around his cock. You're more of a bottom," Santa pulled Blaine even closer, so that his chest was pressed against Santa's chest.

The pace was incredibly fast, something that Blaine has never experienced and definitely something that he will try himself once he gets back home. The driver gave Gary a subtle wink, then with a rather deep voice, spoke, "The boss has instructed me to give you a lift if you are heading into town.

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