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Wreck'em Tech: Russian women are mercantile,greedy and some of them are REALLY DUMB. Russian woman will never notice you if you got no money.

Campbell3618: Dating a Panamanian girl

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Smiley Face: Should have chosen a REAL French woman

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Redtube Com Gay Monter Gum: You spoke russian

Bam Whip: The American series should have each of the region. like the mid west, the east coast, west coast, the south, north west and so on. I think it's a good idea because I'm from the northwest and we act alot differently then the west coast people even though people refer to us as all west coast. some food for thought.

Ju Lian: Hilarious! And I can see these things being absolutely true!

Agatha Smile: The girl who spoke friends I cannot understand I thing that she said ! My first language is french !

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Angelnr1: They are pompous,prissy,self esteem,hedonistic,reckless,insensitive,cold logical minded creatures if you are drama involved, romantic and emotional middle eastern guy then stay away from them otherwhise they will twist your mind they are not suitable for eastern guys

Eb Benar: Notice how the Canadian girl is the loudest and most opinionated while simultaneously barely a 6/10?

Musicand Cats: Wow. that guy looks desperate on the first scene! That doesn't look brazilian, that looks nuts! And why is his english so bad? lol

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