Happy Ending Massage - The truths of the 'happy ending' massage

Ever heard of the "happy ending'" massage? It is a common phrase at massage parlours offering sexual services, and they are...

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Funny girls - what do guys think?

Happy Ending Massage

More from SBS Radio. But they are often left to fend for themselves, in terms of their workplace rights, safety and health. But both the international trafficking protocol and, also, Australian law on trafficking, you don't have to be forced in order to fall into the category of trafficking.

Massage parlours offering sexual services are not hard to find. So the provisions in Australia at the Commonwealth level talk about whether the employer is reckless, whether the employee will be exploited. In the short term, she suggests a special police unit like Sweden's, where women can bring their complaints, problems and questions in confidence. The industry is full of especially Asian female migrants and international students, lured by the promise of easy money to provide massage with "extra" services.

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  • Ever heard of the "happy ending'" massage? It is a common phrase at massage parlours offering sexual services,...

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Happy Ending Massage (Uncut Version) - Free Dating Chat

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