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Not many think of England in an erotic light anymore due to his gentlemanly and prudish personality.

In this instance I think we're going to get better results just continuing to raise awareness in both males and females that unwanted groping is what douchebags do, and women aren't going to put up with it any more. When are you going to learn to control yourself? That leaves the more dedicated shitheads who either think they're above the rules or just think they have a window of opportunity, and then the really hardcore ones who are there for that purpose.

If that happened to me my bellowing outrage would be heard at the back of the fucking parking lot! She said she tried to get help there but nobody would listen, she was pretty drunk she had VIP tickets that came with an all you can drink bar and was fixated on her lost bacon wallet.

The Mango at 5: Why put myself through that?

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Daniel Alves: Oh the Japanese are way worse than French on Langue de Bois

Buse Sarp: You forgot to mention: They are truly charming and worth your time. If you like French culture boy you would be gladly surprise with the woman there. And they will be with you! As long as you commit, as a foreigner they will want this from you. And loyalty.

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Ebbalundin: Ahhh bless you

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Ilke_yigiter: Hey, according to this video I might be German. But technically still Russian.

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  1. It's funny how there are so many people disagreeing with the fact that women in media are objectified.

  2. and you're one of the reason the jokes are so funny. cause dumbaasses like you take it seriously.

  3. Gender is biological. If you are a male at birth, you will be for the rest of your life. Same with Females.

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