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TodayLife: Don't you understand how brazilian male is! We do love women! Any kind of women! For exemple, I've already dated both skinny and curvy, ugly and beautiful,

Scorer Scored: When her nose is bigger than her ego.

ShadPayback: Hahahaha got me on that joke AWESOME!

Nyla Roman: Oh. also. she will pluralise many words in her English.monies.will be used. even when she does not mean monies, but money. stuffs. breads. etc etc etc. BUT. she will also have paid attention in her mandatory English . and remember all those rules of the language the native speakers forget. and pull you up on them. be prepared to be corrected on your own language a lot by all Danish English speakers. but the girls especially.

Azmir Ali: I didnt get what you wanted to say with this video

Mel Cyrenne: I don't know what kinda men you been dating, but maybe u should stop going to clubs because you most likely won't find any romantic ones there lol

GregoryAtsal: Sorry if I committed any mistake while I was writing, English is not my first language

Philip L: Do a dating a Cantonese/HK woman : or Chinese/American woman. That would be interesting to see as well

Alekosimba: Im haitian my jamaican boyfriend always want to take picture i hate it. I dont like to take picture.

Gracie Mann: The Portuguese was not even close

Emma Sellers: Thumbs down if I should never post jokes on YouTube again.

Anton Tonchev: European Portuguese RUSSO

Linda Lowther: You caught me. Well done!

Soccer Gamers: Did you fart on film?

Rommel Chatto: No. No. No! What a crass comic book! In a society dominated by it's infamous class system Hello! as well as dramatic regional distinctions, it is screaming ludicrous to put out such a simplistic video! Utter waste of time; it will undoubtedly misinform thousands of American men, and cause endless problems. Nice work, amateurs!

Dara Seang: Dear German girls,


Popol105: I know it will come! :D

Rui Barbosa: She is so classy. I especially love the part where she refuses to get into the car unless he holds the door open. Unfortunately these women don't exist anymore in my home country.

Spider Dog: Portugal is so nice.

Noyan Akis: That was not french at all!

Geny Meh: Esa estelad por la cara ?

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Black Bikini Teen Wanking A White Cock

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