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I come across a few black guys that I thought were hot. But hey we have our likes and dislikes. Sadly there...

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What does this mean when a guy says this?

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Okay Scoby: I like to SHIFT GIRLS! What a banger.

Suzi Lindblad: You speak about europeans 1 years ago.

Eny Almeida: Omg this was on point! hahah

Kcuf Uoy: He's very hot! Trinidad Tobago next?

Soujanya V: What about sicilians

Vanessa S: Russian girl knows her accents.

I commissioned a photographer to assume a series of nudes of me. I lost congenerous Instagram followers after posting this. Enormous Daddy Breeder on Bearfilms. The in particular of this personal blog is to side with people of all sizes, shapes and most colors and show the attraction and diversity in all bodies, while also occasionally discussing the topics of size and descent, separately and intersectionally.

This blog was started with the intentions and aspirations of fillings the gaps between female-oriented body-positive blogs and the overwhelmingly white-centric bear blogs that also excluded pudginess and chubby men who are not bears. While divers of the society featured here may fall under the umbrella term of 'bear', it should be clear that this is NOT a bear home page.

Please feel unconstrained to submit your own pictures or any relevant ezines. Submissions of white-presenting people will not be posted. We encourage all submissions to include spotlight information about your heritage and personality, and this would be especially useful in these cases. Fuck Yeah Heavy-set Guys of Color pandirose:

Naked Black Gay Men Tumblr Find Me: Racist fucks afraid of gettin a tan cuz it's gonna make em look like the other asian people. yeah some chinese girl admitted.

Frau Huebner: Maybe the only thing is the histerica term, it's not really used in a nice way's kind of a sexist term that men tend to use to upset women. Not always of course.


Soma Mostafa: White South African women

Maura L: Bonjour girls vous savez si vous passez en France vous pouvez passer boire un verre of wine.

Betoperdido: Make a Video about SWEDISH FINNISH or NORWEGIAN dating types (if you already heaven't)

Lilli Xxx: Am I the only the person who doesn't find this guy attractive?

Giada T: German women are ugly.and they pass gas around other people like it's ok to do that,no good maners .if you look for beatiful girl with good maners and style .polish or russian would be the best bet.

Olofshaizer!: I hit on a Japanese girl once and said to her: Can I please. pafu pafu? and she kicked me in the balls. Ok that was a lie.

Raydaveed: Video got me more interested in German women! If any German women wanna chat hit me up.

TnetroP: Pero Like did a better job, the speakers were spontaneous and seductive.

Browarman: It was the most stupid outfit for a persian woman im really look at some video or photos at least before making videos like this

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  1. try to make yourself stronger, not convince everyone else that 'its cool to be weaker'.

  2. REPORT AND FLAG THIS VIDEO! help us get it down! this man hating cunt can suck a dick

  3. I'm a full on red blooded hetero male and even I was creeped out by how bad the Blurred Lines music video was.В

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