Bhh Cruisin For A Bruisin Logan Pine - BHH – Cruisin For A Bruisin – Logan Pine

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Bhh Cruisin For A Bruisin Logan Pine

Do you think he has issues? :S

Alicia Dlr: I prefer Keith from UK :)

Abugina: Having lived here for 10 years, I can absolutely attest to how people come and go. another point would be the guy trying to use the girl to connect to VC'S

Bruna ': Oh man that french sounded bad

Toni MUC: Me: what, when I clawed my way out of the fiery pits of hell? No, not really.

Unlimited1st: So basically, she's trailer trash?

Linh Le: Uh. not that affectionate. mom always scolds me for being bad to my boyfriends. haha! Guess I'm not normal Filipino

Puerfelix: I enjoyed it ^^

Iggy Peters: Can some Canadians please step in and tell me that this video is false as hell

Moody GhannaM: Spanish is the sexiest language actually

Blin Machine: If all portuguese men are as gorgeous as him I need to book a trip asap

Monster Vodka: The eating spicy food bit was hilarious.

Nicole Maia: I'm a Slav from West :

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Sam Pull: Why is the man always Doom and Gloom?

Komatsu: My husband is romanian from bucharest (he likes to call it buracesti : ). He is very protective. Possessive. Hardworker. Intelligent. Romantic. Jealous. He is always there for me. I love him so much and I can't wait to visit his country and his city and to listen to florin salam all day long :)

Michael Games: I think Japan has the perfect man for me lol.

Mariana PГЎez: Will be there dating Czech men, when there is dating Czech woman?

Alexin Gb: From time to time you find the 5%, those are marriage material.

Mrpunisher112: Is it true Brazilian people are late for just about everything and don't care too much about punctuality or it that simply just a silly rumor?

Jady Cakes: The Polish was not even Polish. What the heck was that? Couldn't they get a better person to speak ACTUAL Polish?

Playon51: That Catalonia flag thing is disrespecful

Hugo Santos: Lovely woman! Why doesn't her name appear in the credits?

Toto Wolff: This usually only hits Canadian women once they're 40 years old. unmarried, no children. no family to raise. and still all about women's issues and bossy err assertive and cold towards men ;)

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