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Me and Austin were on the floor kissing and I was straddling his hips, I grinded my core into his dick and felt a wave of pleasure spread throughout my body. I started biting down on his bottom lip asking for entrance and immediately got it, I slipped my tongue into Austin's mouth and started fighting with him and Austin let out an animalistic growl from the back of his throat. Austin hands attached to my waist and helped me move back and forth on him even faster making me extremely wet, I detached my lips from him and started sucking on his neck biting down before I trace my tongue over it.

Austin let out a groan and took one of his hands that were on my waist and rubbed my pussy from the outside of my shorts hard, I tilt my head back and a wave of pleasurable heat spread throughout out my body. Austin tossed me on the bed and looked me over with his lust clouded eyes as he threw off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. He started to knead my breast roughly which made me moan against his lips, I wrapped my legs around his waist so I could bring our cores closer together.

Austin dick hit my vagina making me moan out again as he pulled on my nipples turning them rock hard, he pulled away from my lips and tore off my shirt and shorts. I open my eyes to see him looking at my chest and I smirk, I just love being a double C cup. An intense feeling was starting in the pit of my stomach as I grinded harder against Austin, and he moaned out against my breast causing me a vibration to go through my breast making me shiver.

A light sheen of sweat was starting to cover my body and the feeling in my stomach intensified a bit until Austin suddenly moved his hand away from my clit, I groan in protest and tried to bring his hand back on me. Austin moved his hand away and brought the hand he used to rub my pussy with and brought it to my mouth.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. He pulled away before letting his bod stand. The blonde haired beauty smiled when he saw the star of the school's football, soccer, and basketball team enter the room. He didn't care that he was stark naked before he walked into the showers.

If he was late again his coach would have his head on silver platter. He had seen it several times, and every time he felt his body churn with horniness.

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Austin Moved Around To Suck Dick

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He lowered his head a little, and he took the right nipple into his mouth. He would have his chance to get what he wanted, and he wasn't going to waste any time. Dallas had chosen Elliot's seat. He pulled Dallas around his body, and he let him rest at the edge. Austin closed his eyes, and he felt his breath hitch when he felt Dallas's cock pressing into his right cheek.

He didn't care that he was stark naked before he walked into the showers. He let his mouth suckle on the head before sliding back down the entire length. Moreno Valley singles

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