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LaTripper: First woman was a stick, second was hot af, the men that liked the first one obviously cant handle a women having shape

Sarah Barbosa: More or less true I guess

Sampi Sasori: This is sooo me and I'm American.

Mai Yamada: It's hard to tell if polish was really polish. Some random words so poorly pronounced. 2/10

Narjiss Mi: I'd been waiting for this but this is very DISAPPOINTING! The ladies from the video are 1 not authentic Chinese. Maybe ethnically Chinese, but would you call someone who is born and raised outside China the face for Chinese ladies? To be fair, yes the trying to stay pale and look nice parts are precise, but these are not that funny nor that representative. Please do try again!

Leave Blank: So what is missing? Belarusian, slovakian and slovenian? Sorbian too maybe?

De400Slagen: Lots of racing going on in Czech as well. CooL!

Keita Marislo: Waste of time interviewing those teenagers

Angryman0: Why not southern

Gemini I: Im portuguese from Portugal and im very used to hear brazilian portuguese to and i didnt understand anything from the brazilian women.

Xscrool St: He look like a gangster. An arabic man .

JORGE FUNES: I think best beatiful girls on the world

Dina Al: No wonder there are so many articles talking about Japanese reproduction rate lower than their death rate (Usually stating that men don't really try anything bold).

Nem Denemam: Wth is Pokemon language?

Twinks Ass Stuffed With Dildo

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Selena GV: I am Brazilian, however, I honestly find this Brazilian women stereotype really uninteresting. The German women are a lot better.

Durahan82: Could you do one on dating el Salvadoran women.

Ruby L.: Damn that's so true xD

Jared Pinkard: Age is a are as old as you feel

Danny Themann: We have the biggest italian imigration of italians in all world.

Alex Paclin: Im from New Zealand and one of the most common comments is probably something about shagging sheep. :'(

Dannydanou: Jews don't date non jews at least that what i know

Jufromhell: You forgot the 69 Bean fart .and his balls will be hanging 1inch lower

SjimmyDJ: My name is Stephanie TT but i look nothing like the girl in the video

Ricibiribicci: WTF . have you even been to Canada ?

Yinksy93: My wife is Russian. This is very true. HAHA, one of the first Russian films she showed me was Moscow doesn't believe in tears Hahaha. All very true.

Java Brown: It's a disaster. Please go back to the old style. This socks.

El Johnny: It wasnt that accurate

Sak Sezo: Ma please me cazzooooo, ahahahah.

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  1. I am a feminist. Honestly if the world's mind was like yours, everyone would be so much happier

  2. mpa324 that's exactly how women feel : We think you need the curvy, yet skinny blonde woman you see evrywhere. Media is a pirhanna .

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