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Palo Daroca: The girl that said Dominican Republic knows what's good !

JeSSiCa URBeX: The most actual one so far I think because he is being a real Italian in this video but where is the location? And why am I finding Russian girls attractive once again?

Kitchen Sink: You know you are dating a Russian woman when she beats you at Tennis love love.

JosГ Trindade: Of course Spanish

Sam Lowe: That is not Brazilian portugues! !

Thrillgage S: I love Greek people and Greece also! Nice video :)

Hdug86989: I LIKE you comrade! You are so, how shall I say kulturny? Now we go and ride the yak to Siberia, NO? And I want to maybe see that famous Russian doctor, (you know, Doctor Zhivago?)

Sandromnator: A lot of people are saying we will just go and hop on someone else's dick, or in general that we are awful. I know who I am and that is a decent person. Don't give all Canadians a bad name or swear off of all of us. It would be a shame since one of us may actually be perfect for you.

Deanc2000: I`m from Brazil and I I always splitted the bill. I think it is fair to each other pay for your own costs.

Adrian Covaci: Ha ha ha.What about Indian women. :)

Julio Lopez: She shaves twice a day

Andraaaw: As Russian I used to use boyfriend excuse, but then realized that it's just not right, since they should care that I am not interested not just that they can annoy another man. Otherwise it's just sexist. So yeah, I'd be like no, not interested in the streets, and just ignore them or turn away in the bar. Especially if they communicate non-verbally

Muscluar Studs Jump In The Shower

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Wesley Denny: When the girl said they do not like alpha males in the Netherlands I cringed.The radical Left atheistic ideology of Feminism has run amok in Europe and America and other places. Sad. Men should be men (gentlemen of course and women should be women ladies of course). But they are not the same and should not try to be the same. They should be happy with the differences and glorify themselves in those differences.

Hasbito Kun: Russian girl like poor guys >>>>

Leo Brown: I felt an actual connection between these two. I bet they're dating today or maybe even married.

Milou Yuliana: They stare at you

Rex Sobb: I am just like Tatyana. not just because she's russian, Tatyana as an individual. talking quietly, polite, let others talk first.

Sadde Hemani: Holy fuck. I said Stephanie too!

Nzchicklvluva: Hahahaha this is awesome and im Greek!

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Ice Water: Israel american the same white trash only different religions

Isaiah Stolp: I think ghosting happens when the other person doesn't really accept a

Debudada: At least from my personal experience hugging is a common way to greet friends, dates, sometimes even people who just met will give a short hug (usually restricted to opposite sex and initiated by the woman), but that's rather rare. This is true for many young people, while in my experience older people tend to be a bit more reserved when it comes to hugging.

Nicole Behdad: I am from greece dont hate greece we make your fuckin languege

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  1. and the same of that observation does work for woman too. We should be celebrating when women and men have sex.

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