Pegged All Over - Hong Kong’s currency to remain pegged to the US dollar in the near future, IMF’s Lagarde says

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Pegged All Over

The Hong Kong dollar, the biggest loser among a dozen Asian currencies against the euro in year, weakened to 7. Below a trading band created in , the Hong Kong Capital Authority is compelled to passage in to buy the parish currency to prop it up once it reaches 7. After more than a year, traders had been actively selling Hong Kong dollars and buying the US currency in an arbitrage called the carry trade, which sells a low-yielding asset to buy another with higher returns, as they took advantage of the price difference between their borrowing costs.

What ails the Hong Kong dollar? However, the gap between the local charge of borrowing capital, known as the Hong Kong interbank offered rate Hibor , and US rate is at its widest in months, fuelling the arbitrage. The Hibor has been rising across all maturities this year, reflecting an overall tightening of funds in the city. To go to example, one-month Hibor has risen to 0. But the US borrowing cost, known as the Libor, rose at a faster pace, up 13 basis points.

This has widened the Hibor-Libor spread, allowing traders to pick up making the arbitrage trade, which in turn exerts depreciation apply pressure on on the local currency. The last time the HKMA was engaged in defending the Hong Kong dollar in , it allowed overnight interest rates to climb to per cent, to kill off hedge reservoir attack as local banks could only raise funding for their own needs, so there were no Hong Kong dollars socialistic to finance short sellers.

Instantly the economy shrinks, and corporate profits slow on higher share rates and slower exports, next there will be capital outflows that will, cause non-performing loans to surge.

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The Hibor has been rising across all maturities this year, reflecting an time when the Hong Kong dollar should be pegged to the renminbi?. Peg solitaire...