Boys In The Nature - The difference between girls and boys – is it nature or nurture?

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Two friends are set to on a camping trip together, but their already-anxious friendship is...

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From a man's point of view?

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Is it nature, or nurture? Living in Somerset, we really are spoilt someone is concerned scenery and Places of Interest. Drive less than an hour in any direction and you can be in the big apple, on the beach, on top of a hill or, in this specimen, in a castle. I consider Belle to be a particularly energetic and strong-willed girl, and Ashley is a very attractive and sensitive boy, but even so, the differences were obvious.

Take our tour of the establishment for instance. It made me think about the post I wrote newly on men being cheaters. For my sons, it is action first, whoops!

And we were right. My little man is just like this action first thoughts later and so is my other half and his brother. The point of this anecdote is that in so few males had hair covering two-thirds of their ears that transatlantic travelers assumed that anybody who did must be a rock star.

But the girl is definitely more of a talker and a thinker, whereas her brother is more of a doer. Children are constantly bombarded with messages about what it means to be masculine or feminine from all sorts of different sources.

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Take our tour of the house for instance. That must have been the last time they got their hair cut. They still see trees and climb them. However I do sometimes wonder whether a lifetime of monogamy with the same person is a particularly natural state for humans at all.

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Boys In The Nature

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