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January 31, Keiran Lee may be one of the most successful male porn stars in the world — but he says when it comes to satisfying his own wife,...

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In your wildest fantasies, a porn star girlfriend might just blow more than your mind. But what is it like going to bed with a lady who puts out on film for a living? Does it spice up your own sex life? How do you deal with the jealousy? David is the husband of adult performer, event organiser and model Zara du Rose; Aaron the partner of punk-rock porn star princess, Joanna Angel. They have an interesting relationship with the adult business through their respective wives.

For David, who had already been with Zara for six years, and married for two of those, the answer was not surprising. She was incredibly well-spoken, had a sharp New York Jewish girl sense of humour and had great mostly taste in music. Oh, and she was even more beautiful in person with no makeup on than in any gangbang I had seen her in… and I had seen her in a lot of them.

Both admitted that they had been in conventionally monogamous relationships prior to meeting Zara and Joanna, although as David puts it, being comfortable with Zara performing in porn was a natural progression. But there are still some things that we keep back just for us. Emotionally, we are monogamous and do not have relationships with other people. But we will play sexually with others if the time is right.

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Married Male Porn Stars

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