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R8, you have excellent taste. Love your guy, more please. When did this shaving nonsense start?

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RainbowYak: Im now in love with columbian woman

Christina Z: I love this youtube channel and i watch regulary. but it would be fun to see more about my country, Argentina! xx

Acacia Mota: OMG this greek girls are gorgeous

Noam Stopler: Can you make one for dating a argentine man and woman

David Sarkar: That brazilian portuguese was total bullshint only portuguese was mar and ceu the rest bullshint get native speakers if you want a proper made vid

Dana Walton: Sad that the girl speaking Polish with strong accent which was not Polish at all.

Makjas Lay: This German is such an Idiot every other German Man would payd without saying

Nolan Milnes: Ahahahah I'm a Portuguese guy and I admit that works like this in almost every women xD

Grizzly Man: Italians and Greeks sitting in a corner moving their hands in disgust while watching the video

Will Swagger: Red flag, women who bitch about wanting equality, then right after say its a turn off to pay for their own meal? God make me gay please.

R Cwieka: I don't think Portuguese sounds like Spanish at all.

Rhuan Costa: Not really, in Brazil the standars right now is to be fit AF, in two ways, skynny or big, such as Gabriela Pugliese or juju salimeni, also tan here is huge, but not fake.

Vee Mejia: It's a funny video. Well done. Italian women are beautiful even in those moments when are mad (and not all are like that).

GoldenSolid: You should do an episode about hawaiian women and men!


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  • Let''s post pics of guys with treasure trails
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Hot Guy Happy Trail

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Bayan Dachov: I don't think people really know what they want.

ThePatsyMusic: Those guys at the bar, nice D bag acting

Mohamed Zaher: I wish I marry an Italian man .they are so adorable

Dani Sara: This is crazy, loved it. could relate to everything.

Arta Xelmon: Is there a women guess food?

Stratos Plmns: When and where have you dated an Italian woman?

Rita 's: Basically Russian women today expect you to treat them like women. Once upon a time there were women in the USA too, like back in the 50's. Now if you date an American woman, good luck to you part gold-diggers, part prostitutes.

Ankit Mishra: I dated a English woman she was very bitchy

Otto Lear: What it's like to date an evil Russian?

Alyssa W: You makes amazing videos!

Zing YT: Those are some ugly Asian women who cannot find Asian men.

Renato Botta: Dating a Latvian woman!

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